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This website is dedicated to the defragmentation of information regarding the Central Intelligence Agency’s Illegal, unethical and unconstitutional, Top-Secret Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Program through the words of a man who was born into it, lived through it, remembered to remember it, and is still alive to tell you about it.


Warning: This document is intended for persons over the age of eighteen years of age (18) only and does contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Program.

…A Friend of the Devil is “NOT” a Friend of Mine

My name is J.R. Sweet, and I am a survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Trauma Based Mind Control Program, Mk-Ultra: Project Monarch. I began to remember my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon in the spring of the year 2017 A.D. The CIA never ended their work in the field of Trauma Based Mind Control, and it is naïve, ignorant, and even dangerous to believe that they did. I have created this website for the purpose of presenting to you, The People of this country and the world, what I remember of my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Satanic Elite who are controlling our world.

I will tell you that I do not write these words light of heart, but rather these matters weigh very heavily on me. I have nothing to gain personally in the dissemination of the information that I will present to you on this website; I am willingly providing it to the public. My only reward is in the exposure of, and possible ending of what is nothing less than an atrocity being committed upon the children and the people of this nation and around the world by our own government, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Satanic Elite, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Disney corporation, our military industrial complex and many others. What I will discuss in this work are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed by those we as a people should be able to trust, but that trust has been completely violated.

This is an image retrieved from Time, showing clean-up of the 1995 Sarin Gas Attack on the Tokyo subway system, Japan. The Central Intelligence Agency had been instrumental in the creation of and actions of the Aum Shinrikyo cult which carried out this attack. The sarin gas that was used in the attack was provided by the United States Pentagon. Photo retrieved 4/18/2021 from, 1995 Tokyo Subway Nerve Gas Attack: The Cult Behind the Crime | Time

I have created this website because I have tried several times to contact our United States government officials and federal law enforcement agencies to discuss what I can recall of my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon. These officials include but certainly are not limited to: all one-hundred United States Senators, I have written letters to all of them on this issue and they have all been silent in response. I have written to and filled out a whistleblower form for the Intelligence Community Inspector General. I sent this form to the ICIG three times, and they have yet to respond. I also called their whistleblower hotline, but nothing has been done by their office on this matter. I have written to the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, and I have called the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding these matters. I have written directly to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence several times and I would tell you that I was not gentle in my dialog and in much of my writings to these people, and I have confessed openly to my unwilling involvement in the assassinations and murders of several persons including a man named Masaru Takumi in August of 1997 A.D. My once favorite uncle, Gale Pooley who is now employed as an associate professor at BYU Hawaii and was my CIA appointed handler throughout my youth was also involved with this assassination and told me at that time, that the CIA and the Pentagon wanted Takumi dead, because he had been involved with the funding of the gassing of the Tokyo subway system in 1995 A.D.

This man, Shoko Asahara, was the leader of the Aum Shinrikyo Cult and was a CIA Trauma Based Mind Slave, programmed to play his role in the Cult, Japan, and the World. This image retrieved 9/29/2022 from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-43395483.amp.
The Japanese pop star Hideki Saijo was a CIA Programed Trauma Based Mind Slave used in the music industry in Japan. This man was also used by the CIA for channeling dark funds from Masaru Takumi to the Aum Shinrikyo Cult. This image retrieved 10/1/2022 from https://www.ibtimes.sg/japanese-pop-star-hideki-saijo-dies-weeks-after-falling-unconscious-26281

But, ironically my uncle also told me at that time that Takumi connected the CIA and the Pentagon to the gassing of the Tokyo subway system as the CIA had been instrumental in the creation of and actions of, the Aum Shinrikyo cult, which carried out the attacks; this cult was a CIA Mk-Ultra product and asset, and the Central Intelligence Agency used Takumi to fund the gassing of the Tokyo subway system with black funds channeled through Takumi’s mistress to her brother, Hideki Saijo and then as donations to the cult. These “donations” were then used to purchase the sarin gas that was used in the Tokyo subway attack; the sarin gas itself was provided to the cult by the United States Pentagon. The Pentagon was more than happy to sell the sarin gas to the cult as it was costly to store and maintain in its inventory. The gassing of the Tokyo Subway System in 1995 A.D. was designed and implemented by the CIA and the Pentagon (i.e., the Deep State) to act as a “Distraction” to economic changes/changes to the economic system that were taking place in Japan at that time, which the Japanese people were resistant to. I began to remember my involvement in this assassination in late April of 2018 A.D. and Hideki Saijo died of “acute heart failure” on May 6th of 2018 A.D. More than 10,000 fans farewell singer Hideki Saijo – Japan Today By the end of July of 2018 A.D. Japan had also executed all “thirteen” 13 of the cult leaders it had in prison up to that point in time. Japan executes last 6 cult members of deadly sarin attack (timesofmalta.com) Dead men tell no tales.

This is a response letter/email from the White House after I had contacted them regarding what I can recall of my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon.

Personally, believing these to be matters of importance I also wrote to the United States President at the time, Donald J. Trump; I had written to him several times while he was in office. I sent letters by means of the U.S. Postal Service as well as through the White House’s website. I know that many of my messages were received by Trumps office, as I would get a response letter/email from the White House stating that my message was being carefully reviewed. There was no communication beyond this point other than I did receive a strange phone call from the White House EOP in August of 2019 A.D. I looked this number up through spydialer.com and it showed the number as being from the White House, Executive Office of the President. That telephone number was (202) 456-7693. Understandably, spydialer.com’s information may be out of date as when I called it back later that day there was a young woman on the other end of the line who answered and told me that the number was hers and did not belong to the White House EOP. I looked this number up again on May 1st, of 2022 and spydialer.com now shows this number as being from, DEFENSE INFORMT. I have not written to Biden as after all I have been through and seen, I do not trust this man.

This small military helicopter showed up over my mother in-laws home within an hour of our arrival at her house in southern Idaho when we went to visit her in June of 2019.

Regardless, the most common response that I have received from these corrupt and compromised “people” in our government has been low flying military aircraft over myself and my family, harassment phone calls from various individuals in the network, I have been run off of the road several times since I became vocal of what I remember of the Project, as well as harassed by the local sheriff’s office in Latah, County Idaho while I was living there. My wife, Kate Storey, and our children have also been harassed by aircraft, phone calls and even people on the ground and around our home in Idaho. My wife is also not silent on this issue as she has had to bear witness to the truth of my past and the reactions of my family, the Mormons, and the Federal Government to my awakening. Her website and testimony on this matter can be found at https://www.ldsmindcontrol.com/.

Since I have begun to reclaim my memory there have also been several attempts on my life as for the Deep State and the Satanic Elite, Silence is Golden. But, I was raised and trained/programmed by the same people who wish to kill me, and neither I, nor God will allow such a thing until this message which I carry has been shared throughout the country and the world. No matter how hard they try, and how many people they murder, the Deep State and the Satanic Elite cannot kill the truth. Therefore, I would appeal to the American people and all of the Free Peoples of the World, if there are any People left who are free enough to think for themselves. Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control is not simply the creation of “spies and assassins” for the CIA and the Intelligence Community, it is a very real form of Slavery: Mind Slavery.

Senator Robert Byrd was responsible for the funding of the CIA’s Top-Secret Trauma Based Mind Control Program. He purchased me for use by the Central Intelligence Agency when I was fifteen years old. Image retrieved 7/18/2021 from, https://www.herald-dispatch.com/.

Trauma Based Mind Control is SLAVERY; there is no debate on this issue. I was personally sold by my parents at the age of fifteen to the Central Intelligence Agency and Senator Robert Byrd for use by the Agency and Byrd himself. I was used by the CIA, the Pentagon, Byrd and many others as a message courier, pornographic sex slave, and a life terminations specialist or as most people would understand it, a sleeper assassin; I was made to kill/murder over twenty (20) people in my lifetime and I saw many more than that murdered/killed by the CIA and the Satanic Elite.

Trauma Based Mind Control is a form of slavery and human bondage that was outlawed in the United States of America under the Thirteenth Amendment, but this form of modern slavery and human trafficking and bondage is currently being sponsored by our very own government and covered-up under the National Security Act of 1947 and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 in the name of “National Security”; I would tell you that, A NATION WHICH SUPPORTS SLAVERY IS NOT SECURE. The American People must stand up and demand that these acts be repealed, and these atrocities be exposed for what they are: Crimes Against Humanity and the American People, crimes committed by and through the State and Federal Government using our tax dollars to fund them. These Acts cover-up much of the dirty work of the Deep State which are now, at this very moment greatly affecting our lives in ways that the people of this country will have trouble in understanding but must understand if our nation is to survive as a Democratic Republic. “You Can Handle the Truth”, I have and I still am.

Since I began to remember my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency, I have been actively working at acquiring my governmental records from the Agency through the Privacy Act. I first began this process in June of 2019 A.D. When I placed my first request to the Agency, I was not aware of the sensitive nature of the wording of my request and the Agency quickly denied that I could have been involved with such a program as Mk-Ultra as they claim that this project ended prior to my being born. I have posted the Agency’s initial response below for the Peoples records.

Above are pages One and Two of the Agency’s initial response to my Privacy Act Request in 2019.

Therefore, in my second Privacy Act request on January 20th of 2020 A.D. I was much more careful in the wording of my request and specifically requested quite simply, “All Records on Myself”.

This is a copy of the Agency’s response to my second request for my governmental records.

I waited several months after this second request for the Agency to comply, and by August of that year I had still not received my records, so I sent the Agency a letter asking for a Status Report on my request. By September of 2020 A.D. I had received my response from the CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator, Mark Lilly and you can read it here below.

The above two pages are a copy of the CIA’s response to my request for All Records on Myself.

In this document I was told that in the Agency’s search for my records there was no responsive records which would reveal a “publicly” acknowledged affiliation between myself and the CIA. This was not surprising, but nonetheless disheartening; the CIA refused to publicly acknowledge that I had been used by them or was affiliated with them. But, in this same letter from the Agency it also discussed my classified association with the CIA and admits that they are holding my records and that they are indeed classified, as if the CIA has no CLASSIFIED FILES under my name, then why, “In This Case”, are the relevant statutes of exemption from disclosure, Section 6 of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, 50 U.S.C. 3507 as amended, and Section 102A(i)(1) of the National Security Act of 1947, 50 U.S.C. 3024(i)(1) as amended? Section 6 of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, 50 U.S.C. 3507 as amended is intended to “Protect Intelligence Sources and Methods from Unauthorized Disclosure”. (IC Legal Reference Book 2020.pdf (dni.gov)). And, Section 102A(i)(1) of the National Security Act of 1947, 50 U.S.C. 3024(i)(1) discusses what it calls, Protection of Intelligence Sources and Methods. (National Security Act of 1947 (dni.gov)). If the CIA had no classified files under my name, then there would be “NO” relevant statutes exempting such NON-EXISTENT documents from disclosure; only existing documents would be necessary of exemption from such disclosure. Currently, and as of September 12th of 2022 A.D. I am still in the process of Appealing to the Agency Release Panel for the release of my classified records.

This cover-up runs deep as in my experience there are many involved in Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control Programming including but not limited to, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, the White House, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (which is involved with Satanic Ritual Abuse and the protection of the pedophiles abusing children for the CIA and the Satanic Elite, as well as the practice of Blood Atonement and the killing of anyone who speaks out on the dirty work that the Church leadership and Satanic Network in the Church are involved), the Disney Corporation (Which sponsors, trauma based mind control programming, i.e. Monarch Programming, human trafficking, murder, the covering up of evidence, child rape and child pornography, as well as providing space for the CIA at in particular their Anaheim location: Disneyland, for these activities), the music industry (a great deal many musical artists are CIA mind slaves such as Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, and Billy Joel. That is why there are bands called, Audioslave and Tool because they are exactly that: slaves and tools for the CIA and the Satanic Elite), Hollywood and the film industry (many of the actors in Hollywood are CIA mind slaves such as Leonardo Dicaprio whom I personally met in Los Angeles, California and again in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Tom Cruise whom my own grandmother was involved with programming) and many of the so-called “Elite”.

I was personally born into a generationally incestual Satanic family bloodline that is hiding in the Mormon Church and is connected to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon. There are many Satanists that are hiding in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as I personally met Hinckley, Monson and Eyring as well as many other church leaders and Bishops, and many of them were literal “Satanists” serving what they consider to be, the Left-Hand Path of God; Monson told me this in a meeting with him in 1998 at his office in Salt Lake City, Utah. His office at that time was located at the Brigham Young house offices. This journaled memory is presented in the title bar at the top of the page under Writings on Past and is titled: The Left Hand Path.

It should also be publicly known that the elite who run this world; the one percent who have consolidated their wealth over several generations also force their own children to endure Trauma Based Mind Control programming. Many of the elite in this world are Satanists and/or Luciferians and believe that by splitting their own children’s minds through trauma they are making them stronger, more versatile, and more useful in the world of commoners; what does not kill you only makes you stronger, as my mother used to say. Many of these generationally incestual Satanic families have accumulated a mass amount of wealth and power through a system of networking, corruption, and murder over the centuries and have taken control of our government, our economy, our churches, our schools and institutions, our media outlets, and for some of U.S. our very lives and minds. I will not call these people the Illuminati, because they are “NOT” illuminated, but rather they are some of the most cruel, shallow, and spiritually dull people that I have ever met. They have dulled the light of their own souls for nothing but mere pennies in the sands of life here on this earth, as their wealth and power is only a disease and a cancer to them and their offspring. I have been to the other side of life; I have been dead, and I have met with those on the other side, and I can tell you that the “Elites” worldly “accomplishments” will mean less than nothing in the world that awaits all of us after this life here in this physical world. They have truly destroyed themselves, even their very souls, in their desire for wealth and power here on this earth, and they wish to destroy all of U.S. in their quest for a Satanic Utopia.

There are people who work full time at making sure your thoughts are where they are supposed to be, and it is up to you to work full time to free yourself from your own mental slavery. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

I will tell you that I have a lot to talk about as I have remembered much and continue to journal and remember the events of my past; because of this I consider this website to be a Living Journal, as it will evolve over time as I recall and continue to write out my past. I have composed the bulk of this website as a series of journaled memories discussing specific events that I have been able to recall in detail through a process of daily journaling as is defined by Cathy Obrien and Mark Phillips in their work, PTSD: Time To Heal eBook – TRANCE Formation Of America (trance-formation.com) This is an excellent work, and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from abuses and trauma they have faced in the past, or the present, as the process which Cathy and Mark define is a healing path for more than just CIA, Trauma Based Mind Slaves. Many of the memories that I will discuss on this site took me several months to be able to recall and for some of these memories it has even taken years. Once the memory was recalled it was then put away for at least twenty-one days or more as is recommended by Cathy and Mark, before it was read again and painstakingly gone through yet again in order to ensure its accuracy and my understanding of the events that took place. What I will talk about in these journaled memories is very real, and you as a reader will need to free your own mind of the pre-construed notions, ideas and beliefs which have been scientifically implanted into your own mind through a process of social engineering and social and cultural indoctrination. There are people who are working full-time at making sure your thoughts are where they are supposed to be, and it is up to you to work full-time to free yourself from your own mental slavery.

There are many in the world who would say that mind control is not possible and that it is only a part of science fiction and fantasy novels.  These ignorant and ill-informed people can believe whatever they want to believe. As the CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Survivor Cathy O’ Brien has pointed out in her work, Time to Heal, “Beliefs do not change reality whether they are someone else’s or your own”. (p.13) It is important to ask yourself where you got the beliefs that your individual mind holds to, and who and what shaped these “beliefs”. The Satanic Elite and the shadow government which runs this world works non-stop and around the clock, to ensure that your individual “beliefs”, the “beliefs” of the masses, the “beliefs” of the PEOPLE, are all held tightly within the dark cavern of the elite propaganda machine. If we as a people are to understand what has been happening in our country at the highest and lowest levels of government, commerce, religion, and family life, then we must free our own individual minds from the bonds of mental slavery that is our “birthright” in this modern era of mass media, information manipulation, distortion and thought control. You must free your own mind so that you may learn to better understand yourself, the work you are now reading, and the world in which we all must live together and share.

The concepts I am sharing within this work are nothing new to the minds and consciousness of humanity, as power and control have long been the goals of persons with evil, pathetic, and shallow minds. There was over two-thousand years ago born into this world a man of free and logical thought by the name of Plato; it goes without saying that Plato had an intelligent mind. Plato learned how to use his mind to consider our place and our existence in this world as “mental” beings being ever manipulated by evil persons. There is one story by this man, this free and logical thinker, which stands out most profoundly as a timeless message for the minds of all humanity; that story is the, Allegory of the Cave. In the Allegory of the Cave Plato presents a concept that cuts directly to the heart of the, War For Our Minds, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. plato_allegory_cave_2018.pdf (uml.edu)

You only know what you know. Plato’s Cave: Retrieved 7/22/2021 from wilsonhillacademy.com.

In Plato’s study of the concept of the caves of our individual and collective minds he presents a situation to a man, Glaucon, in which one is to imagine a great cave under the earth where a people have been bound to dwell forever. The entrance to this cave is long and reaches deep from within the gloom where these people live, to the light of day far far above. The people in this dark place are in chains, bound by the legs so that they cannot move from their positions in life, and bound by their necks so that they can only look in the direction they have been chained and meant to see. These people are forever bound at the bottom of the cave, destined to stare at a wall on the opposite side of this dark cavern; a wall that only presents to these people the shadows of a false reality.

Behind these bound masses of people at the bottom of the cave, and at their backs is a tall stone walkway with a wall separating those on its path from those chained below; those below cannot see those on the walkway above even if they were able to turn their heads to look. There is a large fire burning behind the people on the walkway and above them which shines pale light down onto the wall below at the lowest depths of this dark world where the people are forever bound in mind and body. The people on the walkway above are carrying various items and effigies on elevated poles such as carvings, idols, figures, shapes, etc. that show only as a shadow cast onto the wall below for those bound by their chains and shackles in the depths of the cave to see. The voices of those walking above with the projected effigies are heard by those bound below and are thought to be coming from the shadows themselves as those bound cannot turn to see what is behind them but are only allowed to see the shadows of the image’s existence. These shadows and these voices projected in the darkness by those above are all that the people bound at the bottom of the cave know in their confined and dark world; it is their “reality” and they “BELIEVE” in their world, for it is theirs and always has been. (plato_allegory_cave_2018.pdf (uml.edu))

Plato was a smart guy; he understood the human mind and the susceptibility of the mind to fall into comfortable perceptions of false reality as well as the ability to enslave the human mind and bind it in its own belief systems and ego.  Those in power, those who control the money, the churches, the government and its agencies; the “SATANIC ELITE”, have read Plato’s, Allegory of the Cave; those in power have studied at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and all the other elitist universities here in the United States and across the world and they have a clear understanding of the power of the story on the human mind, and the importance of illusions in controlling you, the masses, the people of this country and the world.

The Journaled Memories that I will present to you on this website are not based on beliefs and or assumptions; the journal entries that I will present to you on this website are simply what I remember of my past growing up in a Satanic, generationally incestual CIA family as a Trauma Based Mind Slave owned and used by the Central Intelligence Agency. These journal entries can be found in the menu bar under Writings on Past.

 I will take a moment to warn and inform you that these journaled memories and writings on this site are intended for adults aged eighteen years and/or older as they contain complex violent and sexually explicit content and information. I will also warn and inform you that this site and these writings will contain Triggers in the form of words and phrases, and if you think that you may yourself be a survivor of Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Programming, then you will not want to read this website until you are well into your own healing process.

I am doing my part in providing this information to the general public and I would ask you to do your part and share this information. I would also ask that you yourself write to congress and to your state representatives, and demand that these matters be investigated.

I am not hiding; I am right here, and I am blowing the whistle.

God Bless America, God Bless the People, God Bless You, and God Bless the TRUTH as it will set U.S. all Free.

Semper Fidelis

Author: J.R. Sweet

All Rights Reserved.