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Journaled Memories of J.R. Sweet : CIA Mk-Ultra Survivor

“These things you have done, and I have been silent; you thought that I was one like yourself. But now I rebuke you and lay the charge before you.” (Psalm 50. verse 21.)

Warning: this document is intended for persons over the age of eighteen years of age only and does contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Program.

There are several subtitles associated with this page which are my journaled memories. These journaled memories can also be found toward the bottom of this page. They are free to you on a monetary standard, but I will warn you that they are not pleasant to read. Nor, I will add were they pleasant to write out. The only expense to you, the reader is in the expansion of your mind to the reality of what our federal, state and local governments, the Satanic elite, the Mormon Church and other individuals and organizations are doing under the security blanket law of the 1947 National Security Act and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949.

The memories that are included in this collection are not the entirety of what I recall from my past but are rather the memories that I have been able to take the time to write out in this format. I can remember a great deal bit more than is presented here on this website, and I will be adding memories to this list as I get time to put them into the computer; this work is a living journal and will expand over time. I may also add to the journaled memories currently in this collection, details which emerge through the process of recalling other memories; some memories are connected, and as they are recalled details from other previously journaled memories emerge. I am also working on the production of a book, which communicates the information you are finding on this site but as a hard copy. In this way such information can be more easily distributed throughout the country and the world. The purpose of this website and this living journal is the defragmentation of information regarding the Central Intelligence Agency’s Illegal, unethical and unconstitutional Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control program through the words of a man who was born into it, lived through it, remembered to remember it, and is still living to tell you about it. I hope that the journaled memories that I have included on this site will help to bring some clarity of mind to the conscious reader as to what exactly that means, and why I would say this.

Each of these memories presented on this site have been very carefully written out through a process of daily journaling as is defined by Cathy Obrien in her work, PTSD: Time To Heal eBook – TRANCE Formation Of America (trance-formation.com) For many of these memories presented here it would take several weeks and even months and years to be able to work through them entirely and I will tell you that I stand by the words that I share with you and the memories which this site will present; to these things I bear my testimony.

I have learned over the past five years as I have been working through my amnesia, that it is important to stick with the rules which are laid out by Cathy Obrien in PTSD: Time To Heal, such as and for example it is important to write your memories out in full and put them away for twenty-one days and Do Not talk about it with anyone in that time; let it settle on your mind so that you may more fully understand it yourself before trying to communicate it with others. If this rule is not followed it can lead to inaccuracies and what has been termed False Memories, as the subconscious and conscious minds try to communicate the events which unfolded. This can be a very confusing mental process and is often traumatic to go through and experience.

One example of this effect taking place in my own life is with the recalling of my memory of meeting Charlie Pride in the summer of 1993. It took me several months and even years to be able to recall the events which took place with my meeting of this man as it was so traumatic. Some of my first impressions of this event were of a man in the backstage area of the theater jumping out from behind a corner and being dressed in an animal skin/fur with a bull’s head and horns. I knew in my mind that this was not exactly what had happened in this event, but my conscious mind was trying to make sense of what my subconscious mind was trying to communicate. Truly, Charlie Pride had been a monster, but it was necessary to allow time to heal for this memory to come to clarity of understanding within my conscious mind.

All of the memories presented within this website and these journaled memories have been put away for weeks or even months and years, and the rules presented by Cathy which were given to her by Mark Phillips were very closely adhered to as the work of my journaling is not simply for the purpose of writing these words for the entertainment of the masses; the purpose of my journaling work has been to bring clarity, light and TRUTH to my own understanding of my past. But in this process, I have learned that my past is extremely complicated and involves far more people than just myself.

As I have uncovered these memories, many of which carry physical scars to my body, it became apparent that the things that I was remembering were not good and did not simply involve only myself and a single abuser. Rather the trauma and murder that I was made to endure as a child and young adult, was done to many and by many and is still being performed to this day. The Central Intelligence Agency, the Mormon church, the Satanic elite, my parents and family, all wish for me to be silent on this and they have made that known. But what I can remember is truly a matter of National Security as we as citizens of this “Free” Nation are not safe or secure with a government that would allow, and governmental leaders that would be involved with and sponsor, child abuse, murder, mass shootings, mass murder, drug smuggling, human trafficking, child pornography, trauma-based mind control and mind slavery.

I would like to add that I in “NO WAY” sponsor violence as a solution for the problem of an extremely corrupt and satanic governmental and religious structures as we now have within the United States of America and around the world. Violence is not the answer but is rather a part of the problem, and the deep state and Satanic elite are highly skilled at using societal and group anger and frustration as a means to their own ends. It is rather necessary for the American People to become educated as to what is actually occurring in our world, our nation, our states, our towns, our churches, our businesses, and our neighborhoods and stop being reactionary and naive. Through violence we would only destroy ourselves and the democratic republic which the deep state and Satanic elite though they currently control, also fear and wish to destroy. The deep state and Satanic elite function in an Up is Down world and live and operate through lies, shadows, smoke, mirrors, deception, treachery, treason, fear, trauma and falsehood and therefore the best solution is for all of U.S. as a People to become educated in light, truth, knowledge, wisdom, experience and with love and empathy in our hearts. It is ok to be angry, as anger is a gifted motivator given by God, but we must all evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as individuals and as a society in order to move beyond such atrocities as the journaled memories I have presented here on this site will discuss. I hope that through sharing my experiences with you, I may bring some light of truth and understanding into your minds and hearts.

I would also take a moment to ask you, the reader, if you are earnest of heart and truly seek the truth in these things: PRAY, that God might help and guide you in your search for truth and understanding in these matters. If you do this God will answer your prayers, as it is written in St Matthew, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Holy Bible, Matthew 7. verse 7.) I have spent countless hours praying as the years have unfolded and I have remembered my own past and the weight of truth and pain which it carries. I would ask you to do the same, and to pray, as there is no greater guide in this life, than God.


Reader Beware

Journaled Memories of J.R. Sweet :

A Chosen One: Not by My Will: This page contains some of the first memories that I have of my youth growing up in a Satanic and pedophilic family hiding in the Mormon Church and connected to the Central Intelligence Agency. This page also discusses when I met Alex Houston at the age of five years old and was tested for my ability of disassociation along with my brothers and older sister. I passed the test and became inducted into the Central Intelligence Agency’s, Mk-Ultra, Trauma Based Mind Control program at the age of only five years old as did my little brother at the age of three.

Disneyland 1984: This page is about our first family trip to Disneyland in southern California. Disneyland is a Trauma Based Mind Control Programming Facility as there are many layers to the park and much more to it than is seen on the surface. On this trip I would be initiated into the Project on a ride called, Journey Into Inner Space. I would also experience the exhibit, World Vision as well as be made to witness and take part in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual below the surface of the park. This page will also discuss the first time that I had a taser used on me as well as being told by my father what number the Agency had assigned to me within the Project.

The Mormon Connection and Blood Atonement: This journaled memory is about an evening when I was very young, six or seven years old, and I was made to be involved in the murder of a family there in the Boise Valley where I grew up. This event would have occurred circa 1884/1985 A.D. This murder took place in a Mormon church building in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho after a Cub/Boy Scouts award ceremony. This family had found out about the pedophilic and Satanic network in the church and had actively opposed it and tried to expose it in some way; they were said to have broken some form of covenant with God and the Church. The entire family was made to pay for this in blood. There were several Satanic members involved with this murder and my uncle and CIA handler ran the blade for this event. The bodies of this family were dismembered and fed to hogs at a hog farm outside of town which the CIA controlled at that time. I pray for all of the blessings of heaven to go out to this family and to all of those that were hurt by these actions on that night so long ago.

A Courier on the Rocks: This page is about the beginning of the summer that I turned fifteen years old and was officially sold as a Mind Slave into Service to the United States Central Intelligence Agency by my parents. One of my first assignments as an active CIA mind slave was to act as a courier pigeon and carry a message from my uncle and CIA Handler to Senator Byrd and Charlie Pride. I would be given a switch blade knife which was a gift from Byrd and acted as the key to opening these messages from my mind. We would also go rappelling with a man named John Lilly Jr. who was in town for a ceremony at a facility where deprivation tanks that his father had designed had recently been installed in Ketchum, Idaho. My younger brother, our cousin and myself would all be put into these sensory deprivation tanks and be put through what would be called a “Mind Link” process.

Disneyland 1993: This page is about some of my experiences on our family trip to southern California and Disneyland in the year 1993. This journey to southern California occurred shortly after I had been sold, as a slave is sold in the black market of human trafficking which takes place under the blanket of the National Security Act of 1947 and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949. In exchange for this sale my father would receive lucrative governmental contracts for computer system needs of the local school district. This was a time when our family suddenly began to have large amounts of extra money. On this trip we would go to Reno, Nevada and arrive on my Birthday. I would be made to murder a homeless man on that night there in Reno; I was made to murder him because my grandfather had planned my life to be like unto that of a country song. In this chapter I will also discuss some of my experiences on the rides at Disneyland in southern California that year as there are things that take place at Disneyland that the public should know about. Disneyland is a Monarch Mind Control Programming center for the intelligence community and the elite and the activities on the surface are simply a cover for a much darker world within the park.

Heading East: (The publication date of this work is as of yet unknown as I am still working at gaining a clear understanding of these events.) This chapter includes two Journal Entry’s from my experience back east with my grandparents and my younger cousin in the summer of 1993 A.D.. This was the summer that my cousin, and I had both been sold to the Central Intelligence Agency and Senator Robert Byrd as Trauma Based Mind Slaves. On this trip we would stop and visit with some folks who were old friends of my grandparents. I can remember meeting a man named, Randy Travis and a woman that I was told was Randy’s wife outside of the small town of Burley, Idaho. Randy managed some of my grandfather’s “investments” and my grandfather would get some money/cash from him when we stopped in. I was told that this money was to help my grandparents pay for our trip back east. Randy also gave my cousin and I a guitar lesson. Randy and his wife had no children but rather they had three dogs. My grandparents also stopped somewhere in the mid-west and we would have a cup of tea with an old woman that I was told was the grandmother of country music star Garth Brooks, as she was an old acquaintance of my grandparents. Though these memories are simple and seemed ordinary to me at the times they occurred they are important in that they demonstrate through my experience that many in the music industry are aware of Trauma Based Mind Slavery; some of them are ok with it and see it as a good thing while others do not agree with it, but they all keep the secret.

Meeting Charlie Pride: This page is about being taken to meet Charlie Pride in Branson Missouri while my cousin and I were on a trip back east with our grandparents in the summer of 1993. After the show, my cousin and I were taken backstage and abused by this man as well as having him test our voices for use in the Country Music Industry. Charlie Pride would also use the switchblade that Byrd had given to me through my CIA handler and uncle a couple of weeks prior to this event to retrieve the message that had been programmed into me by my uncle and another man involved with the project.

Meeting with a Byrd in the Garden: This page is a journal entry about a meeting that I had with senator Robert Byrd in the summer of the year 1993 A.D. while I was on a trip back east with my grandparents from my father’s side. This meeting occurred the day after we had been taken backstage with Charlie Pride in Branson, Missouri. This meeting had been arranged because my cousin and I had both just been sold to the Central Intelligence Agency and Senator Byrd, and in this meeting, I would be tested and scarred with the symbols of a CIA mind slave. Byrd who was an avid talker would also tell me a great deal many things which the American Public, and all citizens of the world should be aware, such as mind slavery within the world of sports, mass shootings and there purpose in social engineering, and the degradation and destruction of the democratic institution which is America.

The Star Trek Convention: I first began to write out this Journaled Memory in November of the year 2018 A.D. This Journaled Memory is about my experience at the Grigsby family reunion in Nashville, Tennessee while I was on a trip back east with my grandparents in the summer of 1993 A.D. We went to a large family reunion event after my younger cousin, and I had met with Senator Robert Byrd earlier that day at the flower garden; this was the summer that we had both been sold by our parents into the service (Serve-U.S.) of Byrd and the CIA. After the family reunion my younger cousin, and I were taken to a Star Trek Convention in Memphis, TN, by some friends/relations of our grandparents. I will tell you that we did not attend a Star Trek convention that night, but rather we were used to make pornography for Byrd at a Naval Air Station there in Memphis, Tennessee. This pornography was then sold by Byrd on the black market for profit. This was Government Sponsored Child Pornography. Byrd would later tell me that within the first couple of days this film had earned him over fifty-thousand U.S. dollars ($50,000 U.S.D.).

Coon Hunting and the Most Dangerous (and stupid) Game: This page is about when my younger cousin and I were made to run in what is called, The Most Dangerous Game. We were made to run in the game on a fenced off estate somewhere outside of Vici, Oklahoma. This game is performed and played not only by Central Intelligence Agency mind slaves, but also by members of the satanic elite community. Some of the families that I can remember at this event include members of the Ford family as well as the Hilton family; both Paris and Nikki were made to run in the game that day. Included in the game was a group of orphans which were used as disposables in this event.

Prophet of Pain: This page is about the time that I was first introduced to a man named Gordon B. Hinckley. He was the newly appointed Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With his new title Hinckley wanted to know what was happening with the abused young people in the Mormon Church and what the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Government was doing with them. Therefore, it was planned that myself and a friend of mine at that time by the name of Chris Knudson, would be used in a presentation for Hinckley on the CIA’s Trauma Based Mind Control Project. In this presentation both Chris and I would demonstrate for Hinckley, disassociation and the switching of personalities, homosexuality and sexual perversions and tortures which are useful in the art of blackmail among the elite. We would also demonstrate for Hinckley, assassinations and executions, torture and keeping silent, as well as remote viewing. This page is what I remember of that presentation given to Hinckley in the basement office of my uncle and CIA Handler, Gale Pooley’s home in Hailey, Id in the spring of 1995 A.D.

The Other Side: This page is about what occurred in the days following my meeting of the newly appointed prophet to the Mormon Church, Gordon B. Hinckley in the spring of 1995 A.D.. Myself and another CIA mind slave in the area who was a friend of mine by the name of Chris Knudson, had been used in a presentation for Hinckley on the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Mind Control Projects, as Hinckley had wanted to know what was being done with the abused children of the church by the CIA and the federal government. After this presentation we were taken to a government facility known at that time as the Idaho National Environmental Laboratories which is located in the deserts of south eastern Idaho. At this facility we were to undergo extensive suicide programming to ensure that we would never talk about the events with Hinckley or the Project. In this programming session Chris and I would both be placed into deprivation tanks and the human bio programmers at this facility would go through the process of stopping both of our hearts, and we would both be dead for a short time before they would restart our hearts and bring U.S. back to the world of the living. The purpose of this programming session was to cause our minds to shut down our hearts if we ever remembered and tried to talk about the events we had witnessed and been involved with regarding Hinckley and the Project. Or in other words we would kill ourselves by stopping our own hearts subconsciously and suffer from what would appear to be a massive heart attack. This has been a difficult and at times frightening part of my de-programming which I have had to work through, and I thank God for the life that I am still living. Also in this page I will discuss what I can remember of being dead and visiting with those sprits of light on the other side of life.

Pentagon Level Testing: This page is about the time that I was tested for Pentagon Level CIA Black Operations. The test performed involved the murder of a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and was overseen by a man named Dick Cheney. The individual that I was made to murder was a girl from my high school and the Mormon community there in Nampa. This event occurred in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho at a business called the Monkey Bar.

The Mountain: This page is about a time in the spring of 1996 A.D. that I was called by my grandmother and asked to go to her house and pick her up so that I could drive her that day on her errands around the Boise valley. But those errands would take me to southern California where my grandmother was to be performing trauma-based mind control programming on a man named, Tom Cruise (Tommy) in preparation of the filming for a scene in the movie, Mission Impossible. On this trip to southern California I would also be taken to what is called the Trinity Mountain Underground Complex, where I would be placed in a guard detail over a satanic cannibalistic ceremony involving the consumption of newly born babies deep in the top-secret underground government complex. I would receive a severe head injury while on this security detail when another of the guards would break from his programming and being unable to cope with what he had witnessed taking place at this event he had planned on killing everyone in the ceremony. I would still be required to escort my grandmother back to our hometown of Nampa, Idaho from southern California even though I had been knocked unconscious for an unknown length of time there in the Mountain.

Masaru Takumi and Kobe, Japan: This page is a journal entry about the time that I was used as a shooter/sniper in the assassination of a man in Kobe, Japan named Masaru Takumi. This man was involved with the Yamaguchi-Gumi gang and was unknowingly involved with the funding of the gassing of the Tokyo subway system by the Japanese Cult, the Aum Shinrikyo in 1995 A.D.. For this operation I was placed on a rooftop within the city and in a piece of mechanical equipment with a rifle and a clear view of the target area. I shot this man upon the direct order of my uncle and CIA handler. This shot was fired at the moment that Takumi was assaulted within a tea house in Kobe, Japan by members of a rival gang and was intended to ensure his death in the assault.

Loose Ends: This journaled memory is about the execution of the luggage handler at the Boise Airport who had burned me with a cigarette when I was being transported to Japan for the assassination of Masaru Takumi. The murder of this man took place in the fall of the year 1997 A.D.. The CIA operatives/handlers involved with this murder was my grandfather, and one of my friend’s fathers there in Nampa, Idaho. This man’s eldest son and I were made to kill this man and his daughter. Their bodies were dismembered and fed to pigs at a pig farm outside of Nampa, Idaho which the CIA controlled and had access to. This work will help to explain why it is that the CIA uses Trauma Based Mind Slaves, as no healthy minded soldier nor agent of the Intelligence Community would perform the tasks that we were made to commit on that night by our CIA handlers.

The Left Hand Path: This journal entry is about the time that my family moved my older brother from Nampa, Idaho to Sandy, Utah which is just outside of Salt Lake City: the heartland of Mormonism. At that time I was living near Stanley, Idaho outside of town in the woods with my future wife whom I had met that summer. I was to go to Nampa to help my family with my brothers move to Utah. On this trip to Salt Lake I was to meet with the Mormon officials, Thomas S. Monson as well as Henry B. Eyring as it had been planned by the church, the Central Intelligence Agency, Byrd, and my family that I would also be moving to Sandy Utah with my brother at the end of the summer so that I could be at the services of the church presidency and in particular Gordon B. Hinckley. In this meeting with Monson he would discuss what he called the Left Hand Path, (Satanism) and how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides a way for both the right and the left hand paths of God. On this trip I would also see the young woman that I was engaged to marry through the Central Intelligence Agency, Byrd, and my family: i.e. it was intended that I was to be in an arranged marriage with Nikki Hilton, the girl who had hurt her ankle at the beginning of The Most Dangerous Game. I would see Nikki at the hotel which I was staying at in Salt Lake City with my parents and little brother and I would be taken to a room on the top floor of the hotel with Nikki and we were made to make a porn video together with two other individuals.

Time to Kill: This Journal Entry is about a time when I was to be used by the Central Intelligence Agency in the assassination attempt of a man in the city of Boise, Idaho. These events took place after I had married my wife Kate and we had our first child together; these events took place in the spring of 2000 A.D.. I had at that time began working in the field of finish carpentry and my uncle and CIA handler, Gale Pooley asked me to perform some basic repairs and modifications to his new home outside of Eagle, Idaho. This arrangement acted as a cover for what my uncle (Uncle Sam) was really about that spring and we would set up a shoot nest site there in the city on top of what is the Zions Bank building, with the plan to kill this man who was the target in front of a bar called the Neurolux. This assassination was to be covered up under the guise of a mass shooting, as I had been ordered that night to not only kill the target, but also to kill my friend’s older sister who had seen me at the bar that night, as well as emptying my weapon on the crowd of people leaving the bar at closing time.

Redemption: This Journalled Memory is about a time when I was used in the Wood River Valley as an assassin for Uncle Sam; this Journalled Memory is about the time that I was made kill the man who had been the target in the failed assassination attempt in Boise, Idaho in the spring of 2000 A.D.. But I will tell you that in this government sponsored murder not only the man who was the target in Boise would lose his life on that day, as I would also be made to kill this man’s family. At the time that this incident occurred I was working for Loomis Construction which is a company based out of Ketchum, Idaho and serves the elite of the world. This position of Loomis as a general contractor was used by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon to set up this assassination/murder under the cover of a remodel project.

Author: J.R. Sweet

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