…What is Mk-Ultra?…

What is Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control? It’s not Rocket Science; it is Mind Science.

WARNING: This document is intended for persons over eighteen years of age only and may contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Programs.

This is a drawing I made around the age of seventeen or eighteen years old when I was living under a very deep spell of trauma based mind control.

As a survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Project I want to take some time to explain what Mk-Ultra is from the perspective of one who was made to endure it. I will not give you the history of Trauma Based Mind Control as this information can easily be found by the motivated researcher. Rather I will give an explanation of its processes and purpose as I understand it from my experience and my family’s involvement with this program: i.e. what is Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control? I will tell you that Mk-Ultra is worse than any nightmare which a healthy mind may imagine; nightmares are dreams that God has graciously allowed us to wake from. For many in this world there is no waking from a lifetime of government sponsored and scientifically implemented sexual abuse, trauma, murder and mind slavery.

What I am talking about is not rocket science, it is mind science and can be understood by the general population; this is not science fiction but rather a harsh reality in our world, and the sooner that we as a people face and understand it, the safer that our children will be in the future of this country and the world. That is patriotic.

Trauma Based Mind Control is built upon the base of trauma and disassociation. The trauma that I am talking about is extreme, it is not, oh I got a spanking when I was a kid and I did something bad: no, it was, tonight we were going to be made to be involved with a satanic murder of an entire family. After we had killed the family, we would all be made to drink their still warm blood. It was madness I tell you. It was also being raped and molested constantly by my father, grandfather and others as incestual sexual abuse as a child is a horrid trauma to endure. The trauma is bad and drives you out of your mind; literally. Thats where the CIA step in as they want that part of your mind after your consciousness has fled and the subconscious mind is opened. It is a place that is horrible to experience and difficult to explain to those who have not experienced it. This trauma is systematically and scientifically implemented to the point of disassociation.

Disassociation is a natural response provided by our maker to allow us to mentally withstand and bear through traumatic and terrible experiences that would otherwise drive the human mind to insanity, madness, and an inability to even function. The process of applied trauma to the point of disassociation can and will cause a splitting of the human mind and the creation of what has commonly become referred to as a Multiple Personality Disorder.

This is a drawing I made at around the age of seventeen to eighteen years old. My subconscious mind would try to tell me that something was wrong at that time in my life but I could never remember what it was.

 Many in the world have known or heard of someone who was involved in a terrible automobile accident or was involved in a combat situation, or maybe even a mass shooting, where the experience was so traumatic and awful that that individual mentally blocked out the memory of the event and was unable to recall it after it had occurred. They may have even performed actions during this traumatic event that they themselves are unable to recall. These individuals disassociated during the events and the memories of the traumatic incidents were naturally compartmentalized within the subconscious mind so that the individual could, survive the event first and foremost, and then move on with life. At least, maybe on the surface for a while. This is for our natural need to survive; Survival of the Fittest, and nature has provided a way. But often these individuals will suffer from what is becoming clinically known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and they will often need to undergo psychiatric therapy and counseling in order to be able to recall these events and face them directly with their conscious minds so that they can move past them as mentally healthy human beings. It is never intended that a CIA Mind Slave would ever be allowed to see an appropriate therapist and or seek real counseling to better understand what they had lived through.

With this in mind, in the CIA’s Trauma Based Mind Control Program trauma is subjected upon the selected individual for the purpose of causing that individual to disassociate and for the purpose of causing the selected individual to develop within their mind, multiple personalities within which the CIA can work with and build off of. These alter personalities are useful for performing the CIA’s, the Pentagons, the White House and the Satanic Elites illegal dirty work. A fully programmed Trauma Based Mind Slave is a valuable government asset. In most cases this process of the implementation of trauma begins at birth.

Therefore, the purpose of the CIA’s Mk-Ultra program is the creation of an individual/individuals with alternate/multiple personalities that are easily controllable, will perform “any” task without question, and will never remember to talk about it. There tasks are performed through these alternate personalities. We might simply say that Trauma Based Mind Control is used for the creation of “Sleepers”. These Sleepers who are nothing more than Trauma Based Mind Slaves are used for a lot more than simply carrying a secret message from one good guy to another good guy or killing the bad guys, but are being placed within our own communities as business owners, loan officers, politicians, church leaders, lawyers and anywhere that the deep state can gain control over not just the lives of other slaves and those in the network, but also to have a handle of control on the populations which they are located within; what I am talking about now is social engineering as Mk-Ultra is out of the lab.

The CIA’s Mk-Ultra Mind Slaves are deeply embedded in Hollywood and the music and entertainment industries as actors and musicians and the roles which they play reach far beyond the movie screen and deep into our everyday lives and our minds. One example of this is Leonardo DiCaprio who is an Mk-Ultra CIA Mind Slave that I personally met in my experience with the Agency and the Project. It would appear to the general public that Leo is a rich and powerful man who is highly skilled at the art of acting and film making, but the reality is that he is nothing but a mouthpiece and a tool for the CIA, the deep state and Hollywood. Leo is a SLAVE and the money he gets is pennies in comparison to the money that is made off of him by his CIA and Hollywood Handlers.

It is intended that a Trauma Based Mind Slave never seek therapy nor counselling and never be allowed to move past such traumatic events as might be devised by their government funded Human Bio Programmers. We are not even allowed to remember that we had been through traumatic events at all. Rather, traumatic events are designed, thought out, and strategically implemented “intentionally” for the specific purpose of placing that “chosen” individual into a state of trauma and disassociation whereby splitting the mind at that moment in time into a separate personality. This personality may have already been created at a time of trauma and disassociation past and it is being called upon, and the programmer wishes to build upon it or even use it. Or this may be a completely new personality created for an entirely new use and purpose by the programmer/programmers.

The ability to disassociate is not created equal within all of us and each of us reacts in this manner on a different level of intensity depending upon our exposure to trauma, our genetics, and other things that I just do not understand. Those who will most likely disassociate the strongest seem to be those who have known trauma and disassociation for the entirety of their existence here on this earth: i.e. since they were born. This is where generationally incestual families, and in my case, generationally incestual Satanic family bloodlines, come into play as one of the most traumatic things that a child can endure is being raped and molested by those that they love and trust more than anyone else in the world: their own parents and family members.

The process of Mk-Ultra is based upon the application of trauma for the effect of disassociation and the creation of multiple personalities within the human mind but is also built upon the concept of what is known as mental binding. For myself these mental binds begin with my family and my father and mother. As a child I was supposed to be able to trust my parents as I was placed in their care since arriving here on this earth. This is a natural instinct of the child to be able to trust one’s parents, but in the Project this bond of trust is not just broken, it is used and abused and in my experience those that I should have been able to trust the most, I could trust the least; UP is DOWN in the project. This mental bind does not only apply to the family but in my experience also extends into the Mormon Church and its leaders as well. I was personally used in a demonstration on the Project for the newly appointed Prophet in the spring of 1995, Gordon B. Hinckley. This man was a Satanist and had no problems with watching myself and another CIA Mind Slave perform the many functions of our trauma-based programming including, homosexual sex for use in blackmail, assassinations, pain and torture, keeping silent, and remote viewing. I have written about this experience in my Writings on Past, under Prophet of Pain. In the world that I grew up in my family and the Church were in on it.

Also, to add to this mental bind of betrayal by my family and community I was made to endure Monarch Programming in the Public elementary school that I attended in Nampa, Idaho where I grew up. This was at Sunnyridge Elementary school. The programming at the school facility included being taken to a room with no windows where a government worker and not a teacher was in charge of the room and the lessons. In this room I would be placed in a cubicle and made to wear headphones that made no audible sound, but the government worker told me that I had to wear them because they made sound that I was unable to hear but was nonetheless still there and being transmitted. I also had an hour glass at my cubicle as well as a working file that I would have to work through each time I was brought to this room. This was a room in the school that no other teachers or school personnel were allowed to enter. So for myself the mental bind was tied around my family, the church, my daily school life, and I would also like to add our government officials to this list. I was purchased for use by a government agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, by a United States Senator and in my mind, and in the governmental records, I am U.S. Government Property.

Mk-Ultra is based upon trauma, disassociation, and mental binds, but drugs are also a part of the Mk-Ultra equation. It is not difficult to find information on the Central Intelligence Agency’s experimentation and use of drugs on unwitting subjects for their Mk-Ultra research; the internet and several books and documentaries are filled with it. These drugs that the Agency was testing were not being tested simply for the enjoyment of the programmers and an indulgence in narcotics; though narcotics use and drug sales are a big part of the work performed by the Central Intelligence Agency as one of the largest narcotics distributors in the world; the Elite have to get their drugs from somewhere, don’t they. The Agency has scientifically formulated several drugs that they are able to use in conjunction with trauma and disassociation for the purposes of human bio programming. There are drugs to wake you up, drugs to put you to sleep, drugs to make you feel relaxed and drugs to make you feel euphoric or even brutally angry and indestructible. In my experience these drugs can be mixed together for a hybrid effect and my CIA Handler used to carry my personal drugs, or potions as they were referred to then, in a small black case about the size of the third of a shoe box. So, now what you have produced by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Trauma Based Mind Control project is an individual who has been traumatically abused to the point where they are literally out of their mind, you add the mental binding of what is good in life, i.e. family, church, and state, is actually very bad and you pump a lot of drugs into them and set them loose on the world programmed for a specific task. Some of the active mass shooters of today are CIA Mind Slaves programmed to carry out the shootings in which they engage in as an operation for the United States Government and their handlers, and they are not just messed up kids from playing to many video games and smoking pot. Senator Byrd discussed this exact issue with me in 1993 A.D. just after I had been purchased by him for use by the CIA. This journaled memory is documented under, Meeting with a Byrd in the Garden.

This is a drawing that I was working on around the years 2015 A.D.-2016 A.D. shortly before I began to remember my involuntary involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Trauma Based Mind Control Program: Mk-Ultra.

Now it is one thing to get someone so messed up in the head that they will perform any task required without question, but it is another to get them to forget about it and to never talk about it as is required by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Intelligence Community. As I have mentioned previously the process of trauma and disassociation itself is enough to naturally compartmentalize memory, but natures system is flawed as nature never intended that the individual enduring the trauma would “Never” be able to remember the events in which they had lived through. Nature is not so cruel as man. In order to help to ensure that these slaves were never able to remember the events which they were made to perform or endure, old fashioned hypnotism is used. This may sound silly, but I will ask you why, as it is not a joke, and I am quite serious. Persons who are in a dissociative state are highly suggestable to the arts of hypnosis because they are already in a state of trance, and hypnosis only pushes them deeper and plays upon the mental binds already instilled by the programmers. I was often hypnotized after trauma and or abuse, and told that I was to remember to forget, remember to forget. Sometimes there would be other instructions given during hypnosis such as false narratives for what had actually occurred or where I had been. After hypnosis and to help to compartmentalize the memories of the events even deeper into the subconscious mind of the slave, electricity is required in the form of a handheld taser. I can remember having a taser used on me from the time that I was six years old, when I was first brought into the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra program up into adulthood. When you are hit with the White Lighting, it’s over, your memory has been compartmentalized and it will take a lot of work to get it out again. (And yet it should be publicly known that when a memory is compartmentalized in this manner it is not erased and to my knowledge there is no possible way of erasing memory in the human mind, only compartmentalizing it). That, in a nutshell is the process and product of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra mind control program. There is more to it than this in that they will also use such things as deprivation tanks coupled with electrical currents for individual as well as group programming, but this will be covered in other sections of this site under my journaled memories. It should also be noted that this process is not perfect and does have its flaws.

So, what are the CIA’s Mk-Ultra projects all about? It is the active search by the intelligence community for pedophiles of all types, colors, sizes, etc. and their children or those which they abuse. These pedophiles and abusers are protected under the National Security Act of 1947 and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 once they have signed up for the Project and they are taught how to proceed with scientifically abusing their victims to federal government specifications so that these children may become useful to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon as Trauma Based Mind Slaves and even be sold into such. The payments for these transactions are made through governmental contracts for work and labor, etc. In my experience my father was awarded a large computer sales contract with the public school system in Nampa, Idaho where I grew up as payment for selling me to Byrd and the CIA. It should also be publicly known that many of those who are involved in the Elite community of the One Percent are also involved with pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Programming; many of those in the One Percent are Satanists and/or Luciferians and are generational incestual pedophiles. These individuals consider themselves to be above the general population of citizens and they consider the abuse of their children to be an act and an expression of love. Yes, these people are insane. These individuals were themselves abused by their parents and their parents by their parents, etc. etc. and on down the line: power through abuse.

So, who sponsors this form of slavery and protects and values pedophiles in their community? Well, the Central Intelligence Agency for starters but also the local school systems where our children go each day. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Pentagon and even the White House are aware of Mind Slavery and actively use mind slaves for their illegal dirty work in our country and around the world. The Mormon Church is heavily involved with Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control as the leadership of this religion has been taken over by a group of Satanists or has always been composed of Satanists; I do not know the answer to this. Nonetheless, these Latter Day Satanists are hiding under the cover of goodness that the Mormon Church provides them as well as a willingness of the congregation to follow as good sheeple do with blind faith in their leaders. Mormonism is rife with pedophilia and homosexuality all of which it actively works at covering up. Therefore, the Mormon Church is able to provide dissociative children and their abusers to the Central Intelligence Agency for use in the Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control program, and I can tell you from experience that the Mormon Church actively does just that. There are other religious institutions that sponsor this type of slavery, but Mormonism was the religion that I was born into and raised within. The Elite One Percent of the population are also heavily involved with generational incestual pedophilia and the CIA’s Trauma Based Mind Control program. These elite members are mostly composed of what is referred to as Satanic Blood-Liners as they come from a long line of Satanic generationally incestual pedophilia and abuse and are often the Chosen Ones of the structure of slaves and at the top of the hierarchy. These Chosen Families are both rewarded with gifts and government contracts for their contributions to the Project as well as blackmailed and used in positions of power to control states, countries and as much of the world as is possible. I have mentioned previously that the music industry is also involved with Trauma Based Mind Control and the use of and abuse of Mind Slaves as well as that of the Hollywood Elite and the Disney Corporation; Disneyland in southern California is a massive Trauma Based Mind Control Programming facility which many in the world willingly pay to attend. I am not talking about what is seen on the surface by the general population, but rather what is unseen within this multi-layered environment.

In conclusion, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Trauma Based Mind Control Project is based upon finding children that have been abused from birth or a young age and their abusers, rich or poor.  Generationally abused children are more valuable and are considered the Chosen Ones of the Project. Blackmailing their abusers into submission and/or winning their allegiance through gifts and government contracts and teaching them how to scientifically abuse their victims so that they might become more useful slaves for the Federal Government in its illegal operations. These children are then sold by their parents or abusers to the Central Intelligence Agency when they reach an age relevant to do so; for myself this age was fifteen years old. Heavy amounts of scientifically formulated trauma are applied to these children throughout their youth and beyond so that they will develop what is commonly referred to as a multiple personality disorder and are able to be used at the will of their handlers and government officials when their services are needed. The memories of these individuals are compartmentalized through the use of trauma, drugs, hypnosis and electrocution in an attempt to cause these individuals to never remember their involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Government. All of this is currently being covered up under the National Security Act of 1947 and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, both of which are in urgent need of repeal. If these acts are repealed, all of the Government’s sins will be uncovered and exposed for what they are.

As I had said at the beginning of this essay, Trauma Based Mind Control is not Rocket Science, it is Mind Science and we as a people can understand it. We as a people can handle the truth and we must if this atrocity upon the children of this nation and the world is to end.

What can you do? Write to your U.S. Senators and governmental Representatives and demand that these matters be investigated and that the U.S. Government and the Central Intelligence Agency end this heinous program. Mk-Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control are illegal, immoral and unconstitutional and we as a people must demand that it be exposed and put to an end.

Author: J.R. Sweet

All Rights Reserved.