…Time to Kill…

Warning: this document is intended for persons over the age of eighteen years of age only and does contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Projects.

This Journal Entry is about a time when I was to be used by the Central Intelligence Agency in the assassination attempt of a man in the city of Boise, Idaho. These events took place after I had married my wife Kate and we had our first child together; these events took place in the spring of 2000 A.D.. I had at that time began working in the field of finish carpentry and my uncle and CIA handler, Gale Pooley asked me to perform some basic repairs and modifications to his new home outside of Eagle, Idaho. This arrangement acted as a cover for what my uncle (Uncle Sam) was really about that spring and we would set up a shoot nest site there in the city on top of what is the Zions Bank building, with the plan to kill this man who was the target in front of a bar called the Neurolux. This assassination was to be covered up under the guise of a mass shooting, as I had been ordered that night to not only kill the target, but also to kill my friend’s older sister who had seen me at the bar that night, as well as emptying my weapon on the crowd of people leaving the bar at closing time.

It was spring of the year 2000 A.D.; it was April, and my wife and I were living in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho in a small one-bedroom apartment on the south end of town a short drive from my parents’ home where I had been raised. Kate had just given birth to our son a few months prior, and I had gotten a job as an apprentice finish carpenter so that I might support our small family. The company I worked for was located out of Boise, Idaho which is a short drive from Nampa. It was a good job and I was able to develop many carpentry skills in my time working directly under the owner of the company. This man’s name was Lee. I would work for Lee for only about six months, but in that time, I learned a great deal many things from him regarding finish carpentry as well as compiling my own collection of hand and power tools within which I was able to do some small jobs on the side. Around this same time my uncle and CIA handler, Gale Pooley and his family had moved from Hailey, Idaho to the Boise Valley and a small town called Eagle, Idaho. My uncle Gale had purchased a large home there in the foothills to the north of town and it needed a couple of odd jobs done around the house to make it home for them. Therefore, my uncle took full advantage of my tools and skills and for about one week that spring he would employ me on some small jobs around the new house. But these side jobs for my uncle were more than just a means of getting some things done around the new house, as he and Uncle Sam needed another Serve-U.S. from me at that time. There was a man coming to visit the Boise Valley that Uncle Sam wanted dead.

It was spring in Idaho, and after a long and busy summer and winter of working with my boss, Lee on various projects throughout the Boise Valley things finally began to slow down some in the area. Finish carpentry is one of the last stages of a home’s construction process, and we were waiting for the building industry in the area to get some projects to the point where we could perform the finish work inside. This meant that for Uncle Sam, I had some time to kill.

I can remember that on Easter Sunday of that year we had a large family gathering at my uncle’s big new house. Every year on Easter my family would get together as a group, and this year it was to be at my aunt and uncles’ new home there outside of Eagle, Idaho; the home was very large and fancy, and they wanted everyone to come and see it. I can remember that it was a beautiful day that Easter there in the Boise Valley and we all gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ there at their house as a family. But in my family, all this celebration was simply a show, as many in our family worshiped Lucifer and/or Satan and not Jesus Christ; in the Satanic world in which I was raised life was a series of opposites.

I can remember that while at this family gathering my uncle Gale had talked to me about my work there in the valley and how it was going and if we were very busy at that time. I told him that we were slow at work because we were waiting on various projects throughout the valley to reach a stage where we could trim out the interiors. This was because of the Idaho winter slowing things down some. He asked me if I would not like to spend some time at his home working on some of the random projects he had around the new house. I told him that I would love to help him in this manner as it would be a good way to make some money for keeping my wife and I’s bills paid during the slow season at work. I could not at that time in my base personality remember all of the bad things that my uncle had done to me nor the things we had been involved with regarding the CIA.

I can remember that I went back to work after that Easter Sunday for my boss, Lee and talked to him about how I would like to go and work for my uncle for about a week or so to help him with his home projects while we were slow at work. Lee told me that it was a good idea, because we did not have much to do in the coming days at work. He told me to keep myself busy and said that very soon we would be working again full time on projects around the Boise valley. So, with that said and everything arranged I went to work for my uncle for a few days.

At that time, I had a small pickup truck which had a camper shell on the back covering the bed and this was my work truck and was where I kept all of my tools for the trade of carpentry. I can remember that on the first day of working for my uncle Gale I made the short drive from my wife and I’s small apartment in Nampa, over to my uncle’s home just north of Eagle. I can remember that my uncle had told me not to show up too early that morning for work because their family, which is and was at that time very large with many children, needed time to get up and get going with their day before I had arrived.

On that first day of working at my uncle’s house he showed me the projects that he needed completed around the property and he gave me a list of the tasks he wanted done. This list had some projects that were quick and easy and some which were a little larger in scope. Some of the quicker and easier projects would take me more time in acquiring the materials than in the actual performing of the work. This included fixing the toe-kick in the kitchen which was missing in a few spots and had come loose in others. There was also a project in the laundry room where I would need to install a trim material/casement around the laundry chute on the first floor of the home. There was a laundry chute that was in the ceiling of the room and was lined with metal hvac ducting to act as the chute for dirty clothing, etc. It penetrated through the sheetrock and had never been trimmed out around the opening and looked rather unfinished. This was another easy task which I completed rather quickly.

I can remember that one of the bigger projects there at his home was the installation of a copula, which my uncle wanted placed/installed on the top of his garage/office. The garage was located just to the north of the home and was where he had his home office set up in the back of the building. My uncle was also at that time in the process of setting up an office/workspace in a bonus room which was located on the second floor of the garage. The last project he had for me around the house was building some shelving in the bonus room above the garage in this new office space. There were some other small projects around the house, but I do not remember them all.

I can remember that on the first day of working on my uncle’s home, I was able to complete the repairs to the toe-kick in the kitchen as well as trimming out the laundry chute in the laundry room. In order to complete these projects, I had to go into Boise to the building supplier and purchase materials for the work. I can remember that for the purchasing of these materials on that first day, my uncle had just given me some cash and told me to simply go and get what I needed to get the work done; my uncle was busy with his own work there in his office, and this was what he had hired me for. So, I had gone into town alone and used the cash that he had given me to get the materials I would need. At the end of the day when I was done with my work my uncle paid me for my days labor in cash.

On the second day of working at my uncle’s home I can remember I would be working on the cupola project on the roof of my uncle’s garage. I can remember that he had purchased a kit of some kind which included many of the parts that I would need to put the cupola together, but there were still some materials that we would need in order to complete the project. So that morning I went through what we would need to complete the work. When I had compiled my list, I went to my uncle and told him that I needed to go to town to get the appropriate materials. He asked me if I had included the materials for the shelving upstairs in the bonus room on my list, and I told him that I had not. He told me to make a list of the materials for the shelving project upstairs as well, so that we might get them all in one trip. He told me that this was a more efficient use of my time. My uncle also told me that he would be going with me into town  that day as he also had some errands to run in the city, and he said that we would be driving his minivan for transporting the heavier materials for the shelving project upstairs there in the garage as the seats in the back of the van folded down and there was plenty of room in the vehicle for this. I can remember that at that time, I found this to be odd as my uncle was a busy man and if he had work to do in Boise then he should just go and do it; I did not think that I needed to be with him, and I had my own work to do. I had a truck and could get the materials I needed myself and then get back to work on my projects as this was my focus that day. I also did not think that he had any extra time for such things as going into town to get building materials with me. Nonetheless, we both loaded up into his minivan that morning and headed into town together.

I can remember that my uncle was hungry that morning and he told me that he wanted to stop at the local McDonalds there in Eagle to get a bite to eat. (As a note, in my youth I had eaten a lot of fast and unhealthy food; it was just normal in our family.) My uncle was driving, and we went through the drive-thru that morning and ordered our food and pulled up to the drive-thru window to pick it up and to pay for it. I can remember that on that morning I got a breakfast sandwich, though I cannot remember exactly what kind it was. I do remember that I got two fried potato patties with my meal. Typically, a meal came with only one potato patty, but I ordered a second one because I was also hungry.

One thing that struck me that morning there at McDonalds was I can remember that my uncle was not nice or polite to the people who worked at the drive-thru and acted somewhat arrogant towards them. I always found it surprising when he treated people this way as in my mind, we are all children of God, and my uncle had historically been involved with the hierarchy of the LDS church, serving as a Bishop for example to the Hailey, Idaho ward in the past. His treatment of the employees there at McDonalds was all somewhat confusing to me.

Regardless, Gale paid for the food, and we left McDonalds and Eagle and started heading toward the building supplier on the outskirts of Boise, which was Franklin Building supply; this building supplier was located on W. Franklin, Road. I can remember eating as my uncle drove and we talked some. He mentioned the food that we were eating and knowing that my wife tried to eat healthy and did not approve of my eating such fast food, he commented on this. I can remember him asking me if my wife let me eat fast food. He did this in a mocking way as though it was non-sense to not eat fast food and was derogatory toward her in his dialog. All of this was very ironic and contradictory in that my uncle would often make fun of my parents for eating food such as this. But things in my family didn’t always make sense and they would often make comments such as this in order to cause division between my parents and I and now that I was married, between my wife and I. My family did not like my wife Kate and they would show this in how they treated her and with snide little comments they would make such as Gale at that moment in time. I was after all not supposed to be married to Kate, but was supposed to have married another of my family and Byrd’s choosing: i.e. Nicki Hilton of the Hilton family. And my marrying Kate had thrown a big wrench into their plans on this matter.

I can remember that there were spots of rain that morning there in the Boise Valley; in southern Idaho the weather can be unpredictable and rain for a few moments and then quit. It was raining when we arrived at Franklin Building Supply and my uncle parked the van out in the front parking lot, and we went inside to find what we needed for his projects. It did not take U.S. long to find what we needed at the store and while I was there, I took a moment to look at some of the hand tools which they had there in their tools section. I can remember that at that time I had been looking for what is called a combination square, and I had been having trouble finding one that was of quality construction. On this morning I was able to find a nice, solid full metal square which was well made by Stanley, and I told my uncle that I was going to purchase it. My uncle told me to simply add it to our inventory of items which we needed for the work at his home, and he offered to pay for it himself. I declined his offer to pay for the tool as I wanted to add it to my own personal tools collection and wanted to pay for it myself and I would not let him pay for it. He was somewhat surprised at this, but I was firm in my decision. This square is still a part of my tools collection today.

I can remember that we took our items up to the front counter to pay and I was familiar with the man there at the checkout because I had been to this store several times before and I have always made it a point to get to know the people at the building supply stores where I shop. I said hello to him and introduced this man to my uncle. The man was friendly and said hello, but again to my surprise my uncle acted as though he was disinterested in this man, and he had no desire to get to know him or even to be polite to him. I can remember the reaction of the man behind the counter as he felt the cold nature of my uncle and it was all rather embarrassing for me. We did not talk much but paid for our materials and my new square and headed back out to the van. My uncle pulled the van around to the side of the building and into one of the large bays there at the store where larger materials were kept inside and out of the weather. This was where we would be picking up the shelving we had just paid for inside of the main building. There was a man working in the warehouse who I knew, and we said hello to each other as my uncle and I got out of the van to load up our materials. I can remember that at that time I knew this man’s name, though I cannot remember it again at this time. Nonetheless, we talked to each other for a moment as acquaintances will do. This man helped U.S. load up our materials and my uncle and I were soon back in the van and on our way. When we had gotten back into the van and were pulling away from the store, I can remember my uncle commenting on how I seemed to know everyone at the building supply and how I seemed to be so friendly to the people which I met in my daily life. For some reason he found this to be odd and unnecessary, but he mentioned how my grandfather was also the same way, and he thought that I must get my social skills and habits from my grandfather. I found his comments confusing as I felt that there was nothing wrong with being friendly with people.

I had wished that after we had gotten our materials for my uncle’s projects, we would have simply headed back to his home out to the north of Eagle, so that I could get back to work. But rather than turning right after leaving the building supply and going back to the house, he turned left onto W. Franklin Road and began taking U.S. deeper into the city of Boise. I was bothered by this as I did not understand what my uncles errands had to do with me, and if he needed to go and run errands in the city, I wished that he would have done this on his own time, as I did not think that I would get paid nor could I log hours for time spent with him running personal or business errands that were not related to me and my work.

I was at that time in a somewhat disassociated state as with my uncle you never quite knew what was coming next and I had been made to do many bad things in the past for this man, though at that time my conscious mind could not recall what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me. I had the combination square which I had just purchased at the building supply store, and I showed it to my uncle as we headed east deeper into Boise. I explained to him how useful of a tool it was as with it I could scribe lines, work angles, and set the depth of the reveal of my casework. My uncle asked me what the small sharp point was on the tool, which is shaped like a large needle and is stored in the handle. I showed it to him and explained that it was a scribe and could be used to draw lines in the wood. He told me it could also be used as a weapon if needed. My uncle then told me that the square looked to him like a handgun. I turned the square and held it like it was a pistol and agreed with him that it did resemble a handgun. I looked at my new combination square for a few more moments before putting it away and just sat and looked out the window as we headed into Boise.

My uncle drove U.S. down W. Franklin Road until we came to an area near the Boise Mall. I can remember that there were some businesses there along the road. The interstate passes through that area of Boise and my uncle drove U.S. under the freeway. He took U.S. further down W. Franklin Road and I was really confused and curious as to what we were up to there in Boise. I asked him if he was meeting someone or what exactly it was that we were doing. He told me that he was not meeting with anyone that day but rather said that we had some important work to do for “Uncle Sam” there in the city. This triggered me to begin moving into another personality, but I did not simply switch as one would imagine and was the intent of my handler, but rather I was confused, very confused, and I questioned him on this uncle Sam business; I could not remember having an uncle named Sam. West Franklin Rd turned into Rose Hill, Rd as we drove further into Boise and my uncle used this to trigger me further “Over the Rainbow” and into the personality which he needed me in at that time. You see this was not my first time on Rose Hill Rd. There was a house there on Rose Hill which was controlled by the CIA’s network. To my knowledge no one lived at this house, but it was nonetheless kept up and maintained and was used by the Agency for Trauma Based Mind Control Programming, pornography production, etc. I had been taken to this home before and a part of me was very familiar with it. Being on this road with my uncle discussing Uncle Sam I went right over the rainbow. (As a note: roses were used in my trauma-based mind control programming; Rose Programming. I was programmed for example to see the world through Rose Colored Glasses.)  

My uncle had been frustrated that I had not switched to the desired personality upon his first trigger que and when I switched to where he needed me, which was truly, a completely different personality than my base personality he told me so; I should have switched on his first que, but I did not, and he wanted to know why. At that time in my life, I would on occasion smoke marijuana and my uncle knew this, but he had told me firmly in the past that I was not to do this. As a CIA trauma-based mind slave, I was given large amounts of drugs and fed potions of all kinds which is acceptable behavior among the Satanic Elite and the CIA, especially in the Project. These drugs are used for mind control programming. Marijuana on the other hand, is the one drug that I was not allowed to have, because it disrupted my Human Bio Programming in some way. He questioned me on if I had been smoking marijuana recently and I told him that yes, I had. I told him that a couple of my friends and I had smoked some marijuana out on the patio of my apartment a couple of nights prior. My uncle was not happy to hear this and he asked me for the names of these friends. My uncle scolded me for having smoked marijuana.

When my uncle was done scolding me, I can remember him talking to me about the true nature of our visit to downtown Boise that day as we moved east down Rose Hill, Rd. He told me that there was a man in the Boise Valley that the CIA and the Pentagon wanted dead. This man was from another country but was nonetheless familiar with the Boise Valley; he had married a young woman from the Boise Valley. The young woman that he had married was not his first wife. My uncle explained to me that this man had murdered his previous wife and he had become under the control of the CIA and the Satanic Elite as they helped this man to cover up his sins of murder. This man who was the target had been a leader of a country as well as being involved with big business and the corporate world in some way. I do not understand exactly who this man was. But I was told that he had somehow betrayed his native people and made a large profit off of doing so. In his betrayal this man had also betrayed the CIA, and the Satanic Elite in some way, and they wanted him dead for this. My uncle explained to me that this man would be there in the downtown area of Boise in a couple of nights time. We were going to stake out the area and find a good place to set up a shoot nest so that we could kill this man for Uncle Sam that weekend.

I listened as my uncle explained all of these things, and I was in a state of mind for the work which was laid out before U.S.. In this personality I was who they had made me to be. We reached the end of Rose Hill Rd. and turned left onto South Vista Ave. There is a clock tower in this area of Boise there at the train depot. We went north into the downtown area of Boise. We turned left heading into an older part of the city. Some of the buildings in this area of town are very tall for Idaho standards. My uncle continued talking as he drove, and he told me that one of the targets favorite places in Boise was a bar and venue called the Neurolux. There are many bars and clubs in downtown Boise, but the Neurolux was this man’s favorite, and my uncle/handler was sure that this man would visit this bar on the night that he was in town.  My uncle seemed to know a lot about this man, which I will add is very typical behavior for the Agency. The CIA spend a lot of time getting to know their targets such as their daily habits, routines, the grocery stores they go to, where they fill up with gas and buy their cigarettes and down to when they shower, shit and shave. By knowing and understanding their targets the CIA has a much better chance of success in an assassination operation and they might take months or even years to understand the targets personal patterns before ever engaging them. Also, the CIA will not engage a target for execution unless there is a ninety-five percent, (95%) probability of success in the operation. This includes story line development before execution, execution of target/targets, cover-up of the operation and held silence among all members of the operation before, during and after execution.

I can remember my uncle taking U.S. around the downtown area of Boise and he had a couple of various tall buildings in mind for the operation. We drove around and looked at these buildings and their surrounding areas and access points. One of the buildings we looked at would be difficult to access and could be time consuming on the accent and decent to and from the proposed rooftop shoot nest site. We also drove past a building that was Zions Bank as it was one of the buildings he was considering for the operation. This was a very tall building there in the city. We were heading east when we passed the bank and my uncle got U.S. turned around and heading to the Neurolux. He drove U.S. to the front of the Neurolux bar, and we parked out in front of the building there off the street. We got out of the van and walked around in front of the bar some. It was morning and there wasn’t a lot of people out on the streets though there were some. There was a main entrance into and out of the bar at that time and this meant that the target would surely enter and leave from this location; this was the kill zone.

The building itself had a long exterior wall along the east side where the main entrance was. This long wall provided a good kill box for U.S. to work with in engaging the target. I can remember that I walked over to the front door of the Neurolux and there was a venue posted on the outside of the bar. I can remember looking at this for a minute or so, but I cannot remember the venues at this time. My uncle had been looking around the front area of the bar and walked up to me there at the front door. We looked at the bar’s hours and various venue’s. Then my uncle said that he wanted me to look at something and he led me back out onto the sidewalk closer to the van. He told me that he felt that Zions Bank provided the best location, and he asked me what I thought of the line of sight and the distance to the target from the bank’s rooftop. I looked at the bank and it was a good location being positioned above the target with a clear line of sight. The distance looked to be about five or six hundred yards which placed U.S. a ways from the target area but also not too far away for a good clean shot. My uncle told me that the CIA network had control of the hierarchy of Zions Bank, and it would be easy to get them to let U.S. use their building for what we were about. We talked about this quietly though there were only a few other people around the area and walking the streets at that time and no one was paying U.S. any attention.

Having decided on Zions Bank we got back into the van and my uncle drove U.S. back through the city a short way to the base of Zions. It seemed to me that this building was in a very urban part of the city. There was a parking garage located at this building with two or three floors of parking. My uncle turned into this parking garage and got a parking ticket from a ticket distribution machine of some kind there on the driver’s side of the van. He then pulled the van up onto the top layer of the parking garage. This placed U.S. at the base of the bank, and my uncle parked the van in the northeast corner of the building. We got out of the van and looked around this area at the bank as well as the surrounding area of the city. The building itself was several story’s tall at that time and rose high above the city being around twenty stories or so. It was a tall steel and glass building with flat sides. Looking at the building my uncle told me that we would need to set up a rope system on the outside of the building in order to get to the rooftop. He told me that the north side of the building would work perfectly for this. I was confused and asked my uncle where we were going to get the gear for such a thing as this. I had my own rope and some gear which I was willing to add to my contribution, but I did not have enough gear for this operation. My uncle told me that we had our gear at the Boise airport which we could use. He told me to get into the van.

We got into the van and left the parking garage there at Zions Bank. My uncle paid our ticket for our time there and we started out of the downtown area of the city and were now heading toward the airport. My uncle was frustrated that I could not remember our gear and he told me this and acted like I was stupid for not remembering. But my knowledge of our gear at the Boise airport was locked in another personality altogether and I had been programmed to remember to forget those events. As we talked it began to come back to me as I moved into another personality and it was one of those, “oh yeah” moments; it was like, oh yeah, that time in Japan. I could remember our trip to Japan and our gear and our rifle. But I was confused because in my last experience with our gear at the Boise airport it had been on operation to Kobe, Japan. I could remember leaving Boise with our gear and loading it onto a plane. Then we flew to Japan, and I was made to shoot a man from a roof top position there. We killed a man involved with the gangs in Japan. I told my uncle that I could remember, and we had used our gear when we went to Japan and killed Masaru Takumi. So, Cat had made it out of Japan. My uncle explained to me that Cat had made it safely out of Japan and had returned all of our gear to our storage location there at the Boise airport; it was available for our use. I was glad to hear this as we had left Japan in a hurry and both my uncle, and I had left on a plane before Cat could get out of the country. She was supposed to leave with U.S. but police investigations at the shoot nest site had slowed her down as she had been responsible for the ropes and gear setup and takedown on that operation. I told my uncle that if we needed anything else for our operation in Boise, I did have some climbing gear of my own. He thought about this for a moment and told me that we had most everything that we needed but we were short on one piece of gear; he said that we could use another locking carabiner. I told him that I had one that we could use.

I can remember that my uncle next drove U.S. to the Boise airport and he pulled the van over to the west side of the main terminal. This end of the building was where the luggage storage and loading facilities were located at that time. My uncle again had to get a parking ticket from a machine there at the entrance to the airports parking area. He got a parking ticket and then pulled the van in close to and outside of a man door there on the side of the building. We got out of the van and my uncle knew how to access this door and we both went inside. It was dark in this part of the building and my uncle led me to our gear which was stored in the back on a pallet of sorts. We gathered up some of our gear there such as our climbing and repelling equipment and we loaded it into the van. I can remember that we did not load all of our gear up at this time such as our rifle, com devices, tactical clothing, etc. but rather only gathered the things that we needed to set up the rope system on the side of Zions Bank. I can remember that this gear was in black duffel style bags rather than in hard black cases. I do not remember seeing or talking to anyone in the luggage area at the airport on this trip.

After we had the gear loaded up in the back of the van, we left the airport. I can remember that we had to go through a pay booth on our way out of the airport, but I do not remember if there was a fee for the short time that we had been there. My uncle got onto the freeway as it is adjacent to the airport there in Boise and we headed west toward the Eagle exit. We passed by the Mormon Temple there on the north side of the freeway and I can remember looking at it as it made an impression in my mind. We came to the Eagle exit and my uncle got off the freeway and took U.S. north toward his home. I can remember my uncle and I talking as he drove. We talked about work and what it was that I wanted to do in order to earn a living for myself and my family. I told him that I enjoyed carpentry and would like to simply be a carpenter. I told him that I wanted to work on world class building projects and to be involved with doing world class finish carpentry. My uncle did not disapprove of this, though it was a working man’s path, and he told me that he had a friend in Ketchum, Idaho that he could hook me up with who built multi-million-dollar mansions for the elite there in the Wood River Valley. He asked me if I would not like for the opportunity to work with this man and I told him that surely, I would. My uncle told me that I would need to relocate for this job, which I told him was not a problem. He told me that he would call his friend in Ketchum and talk to him about it in the next few days.

When we got to my uncle’s house, I set to work finishing up a few projects around the house that needed finishing touches. Then I started on the cupola project on the roof of the garage. I put the cupola together there in the garage and out of the weather. It came in a kit and was simple to assemble. When it was time to get up onto the roof and install the unit my uncle assisted me in setting up a safety rope by using one of the ropes from our gear in the back of the van. I can remember that it was a cooler day there in the valley and was not pleasant working on the roof, but we got the job done. That night after work when I had all of my tools put away for the night and was ready to head home, I went into my uncle’s office there in the garage to talk to him about how much he owed me for the day and to say goodbye for the night. He paid me in cash as he had the day before, but that was not all on this night. I can remember my uncle talking to me about the events of the day and how we had gone into Boise and staked out a good shoot nest site for the coming operation. He took me into a state of hypnosis and told me that I was to remember to forget the events of that day; I was not to talk to anyone about what we had been doing that day but rather only about how I had worked on his home projects. Other things were said during this process but I do not remember it all. I do remember that my uncle told me that I was going to be sick the following day and he told me that I was not to come to work nor to come around the house for a day or two. I felt fine physically at that moment in time and could not comprehend why I was going to be sick. But my uncle got out a taser and hit me with it that night and compartmentalized the memories of that day; I would be sick from the effects of the taser. I can remember being made to drive myself home after this, and feeling really messed up both physically and mentally and I couldn’t understand why such things were done to me. I don’t remember much else on that night.

The next day I was very sick with body pains all over and nausea. I was not well and a part of me could remember my uncle telling me that I was going to be sick. It was all so strange. I called my uncle on the phone that morning and told him that I was sick and would not be able to make it in that day and he told me that he understood and said that I should call him that evening to give him an update as to how I was feeling. The day passed. I can remember that night I talked to my uncle on the phone about working the next day. He told me to go ahead and come to work but said that I was not to be too early as their family was not known for being early risers.

The next day I got up and got ready for work and headed into my uncle’s home there in Eagle, mid-morning; it was the day of the operation. I arrived at the house, and I can remember going up to the side door of the home which led into the kitchen area and knocking on the door. My uncle answered the door but rather than simply letting me inside of the home he stepped outside into the brisk morning air, and he talked to me for a moment. He told me that because I had been sick, his family did not want me going inside of the house as they did not know if I was contagious or not. Being there with and seeing my uncle, there was a part of me that knew full well why I had been sick; I had been sick because he had used a taser on me, that was why I had been sick! Throughout much of my youth I had had a taser used on me for the compartmentalization of memories and somehow at that moment in time I could remember all of this; I do not know how, and I cannot at this time explain why. I told my uncle that I was not contagious, and he knew it as he was the one who had hit me with a taser. Gale told me to get started working on the shelving in the garage office space and to stay out of the house. I did as I was told, and I went to work on the shelving.

I can remember going into the garage that morning and getting to work on the shelving for Gales upstairs office space. The shelving materials were still in the back of the van, and I had to unload it. I set up my table saw, and I got started ripping the shelving to the correct widths for the installation. I worked on the shelving project in the garage for a time and then my uncle told me that we were going to go into town to get some lunch. I do not remember if I had brought something for lunch or not that day, but my uncle did not ask me if I wanted to go to lunch but rather told me that we were going to go and get some lunch. We loaded up into the van and started into Eagle. My uncle took U.S. to McDonalds again and I can remember ordering lunch there at the drive thru. I can remember getting a quarter pound burger in a meal with fries and a drink. It is strange but I can even remember that the drink that I had was a Sprite. Anyways, again my uncle paid for our lunch with cash, and we left the drive thru. But my uncle did not take U.S. back to the house so that I could get back to work on the shelving after this but rather he started heading south toward the freeway. I can remember talking to my uncle as he drove, and we both ate our lunch. I can remember that I had my burger and I called it a LaRoyale with cheese, which was a reference to the film Pulp Fiction and John Travolta. In this film John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson both played hitmen; my uncle and I were also both hitmen we just had a different boss. As a disassociate I would often disassociate into the personalities that I had witnessed on television and in movies. My uncle had not seen the film Pulp Fiction, nor did he understand this reference. I then called my drink a tasty beverage expanding on the terminology in the film.

My uncle got on the freeway, and we made our way east to the Boise airport. The Mormon temple was always there along this route, and we would pass it and it would catch my eye. We went to the same door that we had gone to before at the luggage area of the airport. Again, my uncle got a parking ticket for entering that area of the airport grounds and we pulled up to the door in the side of the building. We got out of the van and my uncle accessed the door. The time that we had been here a few days prior to get the climbing and repelling gear we had not seen anyone there, or I cannot remember seeing anyone there. But this time there was someone there when we entered the space. It was the young man who worked in the luggage department there at the airport. It was the same young man who had helped U.S. in loading our plane for our flight to Japan and who had witnessed the older luggage handler burn my chest with his cigarette. I was somewhat surprised to see him, and he was also surprised to see U.S.. I was in a friendly personality and was in a way glad to see him, my uncle seemed neutral, and this fellow was not happy to see U.S. I will tell you. My uncle told him that we were just there to get some of our things from our gear and this young man told U.S. that he did not care what we were doing, and he said that he did not want to know. He quickly left the area, and we did not see him again. I felt insulted by him as he was so unfriendly, but now as I have gained an understanding of these things, I can see why he acted as he did; the less he knew, the safer he would be.

It took U.S. a short time to load our gear into the back of the van and we gathered up all of the things that we would need for that night’s operation. For the most part all of our gear was stored and organized into randomly sized black hardcase boxes. These boxes protected our gear in storage and kept it organized and easy to move and handle. We loaded up our gear into the van and closed the back door and made sure that the man door into the luggage area was closed as we left. We got back into the van, and we started out of the airport parking area. I can remember that after I had sat down in the front seat, I picked up my bag from McDonalds and dug through the bottom of the bag in search of fries. I found a couple of strays. I also drank some of my beverage as my uncle left the airport and began taking U.S. around to the south side of the airport where there is a military base known as Gowen Field there on the outskirts of Boise. I asked my uncle Gale where we were going, and he told me that we were going to go and unload the van and get our government provided vehicle ready for that night’s operation. I can remember that my uncle told me that my grandfather was going to be meeting U.S. there on the base. In the personality that I was in, which was not my base personality but was another, I was not happy to hear this as meeting my grandfather on a military base I did not know what was going to happen to me. Shit was getting real very quickly for me. I asked my uncle why my grandfather was planning on meeting U.S. there. My uncle could see that I was not happy about this, and he told me that my grandfather was only going to be meeting U.S. at the base so that he might help U.S. to set up our vehicle for that night’s operation. He told me that grandpa just wanted to be involved and to help. This calmed me down some, but I had moved from a carefree personality which associated itself with the comedy of the characters in the film Pulp Fiction; I was now in a very serious military state of mind.

My uncle took U.S around to the northern side of the base and we entered the grounds. There was a guard post and a gate, and my uncle pulled up to talk with the guard. My uncle talked with the guard a moment and he showed him our identifications. I did not have a military identification card with me at that time, but my uncle did have one for me. I can remember my uncle talking with the guard and asking if my grandfather had arrived at the facilities yet. It’s a Small World on a military installation. The guard told my uncle that yes, he was there in one of the buildings. The guard told my uncle that he had arrived and had been talking to as many soldiers as would listen to him. My grandfather was a very friendly and talkative fellow and this guard seemed to have an understanding of this. The guard told Gale that my grandfather had been there talking it up with various personnel for some time. There was some humor in this between the guard and my uncle, but I was as I said in a serious personality as I understood at that moment in time who it is that my grandfather was. In this personality that I was now in I saw such persons as the guard there at the gate to the base as insignificant and hardly worth my time; he was doing his job, and we also had a job to do. I was cold and hard and there on business.

The guard opened the gate, and my uncle pulled the van further onto the base and around to a building and a large parking area where there were various vehicles here and there. I could see my grandfather’s Cadillac parked outside of a building. The parking lot was not crowded and was large. There was a utility style van similar to something that you might see FedEx using parked a short distance away from the building and in the parking lot and my uncle pulled the van up to this vehicle and backed the van up to the back of our gov. van.  We got out of the van and walked into the building to find my grandfather. We entered the building which was an open room with some seating areas. There was also some kind of food and snacks available in this building. My grandfather was standing by a table that had coffee carafes on it and cups, etc. and he was talking to a young man there in a military uniform. My uncle and I walked up to my grandfather and my grandfather acted happy to see U.S. and he introduced U.S. to the young soldier that he was talking to, though I do not remember his name at this time. I can remember being introduced as my grandfather’s grandson and giving my grandfather a big hug. We all talked to the soldier there for a moment before my grandfather said goodbye to the young man that he had been talking with and we started back toward the door to head out to the van and our work. I can remember my grandpa saying something of a homosexual nature about how he would like to spend some more time there with the young soldiers. In particular he had liked the soldier he had been talking to when my uncle and I had entered the building and interrupted his conversation.

We walked from the warm interior of the building back out into the early spring air of southern Idaho and my grandfather being older at that point in his life was not as fast as my uncle and I. My uncle was moving rather quickly across the parking lot, but my grandfather was moving rather slow. Out of what would be considered respect I stayed behind and walked with my grandfather. My uncle had the vans opened up when my grandfather and I reached the vehicles, and we started moving our gear from my uncle’s van over to the gov. van. I cannot remember how long this took but it did take some time. We set up the gov. van so that it would be ready for U.S. that night which included setting up our communications systems in the van, as well as the movement of such gear as my operations clothing and gear as well as our rifle.

Once the gear was unloaded into the gov. van, we then took the empty black hard cases that our gear came in and put them back into the back of my uncle’s personal van. We would be taking these cases back to our storage at the Boise airport until we needed them again. I can remember getting out the black hard case that held my boots. I opened the case and got them out and my grandfather wanted to look at them. I handed one of the boots to my grandfather and he seemed genuinely impressed by them and told me that Uncle Sam really took care of me. He told me how when he was in the Serve-U.S. he was not given such nice boots as I was allowed to use; this seemed to be something of importance for him. I can also remember getting out the rifle and checking it over. My grandfather also seemed impressed by this piece of equipment and was envious of our gear. We did not leave the rifle in the gov. van rather we checked the weapon for its readiness and then put it back into the back of my uncle’s van; we still needed to sight the weapon in for the proper distance and possible windage for that night’s operation.

At some point during all of this I can remember my uncle getting out his small black container that held his cocaine. My uncle was toward the front of the van and out of sight of other people there on the base. He got out his cocaine and started setting it up to take a snort of the white powder. My uncle asked my grandfather if he did not also want a small snort of the drug and to my surprise my grandfather said that he would. To my knowledge my grandfather did not do coke, but I witnessed him doing so on that day. This was all very strange to be involved with and to see and bear witness to, but that is how it was. Both my grandfather and my uncle were after all men, not unlike all other men.

While my uncle and grandfather sat in the van taking snorts of cocaine, I can remember my grandfather bringing up the potions/drugs that my uncle kept for me while I was being programmed and or was operational. My grandfather had told my uncle that I should be able to have some, and my uncle did not disagree with this. I was given some of the brightly colored potions/drugs that my uncle had in his small black leather box; this is where he kept them. The drugs/potions that he fed me were in small glass vials with a cork style top, and in the personality that I was in I was glad to take some of the yellow potion which always mellowed me down some. But my uncle also gave me another potion which woke me up and made me more alert.

I can remember that when it was time to go we made sure that all of the empty boxes were loaded into my uncles personal van as well as the rifle and some ammunition. We said goodbye to my grandfather who began going back in the direction of the building we had found him in when we had first arrived here. I can remember him saying something about going to try to find the young soldier he had been talking to when we had first arrived. My uncle and I loaded up into his personal van and started making our way off the base grounds. We drove back around the base and went to the Boise airport again. My uncle drove to the parking area and the door leading into the luggage area where we had been earlier that day. We unloaded all the empty black hard cased boxes there at our storage area and into the back of this space. This time we did not see anyone there at the luggage area and we quietly went about our work. I was buzzing pretty hard on the drugs that my uncle had given me back at the base during all of this.

When we had the empty gear boxes/cases put away in the storage area at the Boise airport we left the airport. My uncle began taking U.S. in the direction of his home there in Eagle, but we did not go to his home quite yet. As he drove, I can remember my uncle telling me that we were going to go out into the foothills north of Eagle and sight the rifle in so that it was ready for that night’s operation. He told me that my grandfather was going to be meeting U.S. there and was going to assist me in this process. The personality that I was in did not like to hear this, and I told my uncle that I thought that I could sight the rifle in just fine on my own as I had at that time a clear understanding of how to do such things. My uncle told me not to be so arrogant as I was in a very arrogant personality, and he told me that my grandfather just wanted to help and was a good asset and teacher for such things given his military history and experience with weapons. (My grandfather had been a Marine in his youth and had served as a Marine Corp. Scout Sniper, or so this is the history that I have been told and these are the things which I can remember.) I calmed down some and accepted the lessons that my grandfather could offer.

Gale drove U.S. out to the foothills north of Eagle. There is a spot out there at the base of the hills where locals go to do sport shooting and to sight in their rifles for hunting season. It is not an official shooting range by any means but rather is simply an area in the foothills where locals go to shoot. It was spring and was a cooler, breezy kind of day and my uncle turned off the highway and onto a dirt road which led to the shooting area. We were able to drive back on this dirt road a short way to around one of the hills where we were out of sight of the main highway. My uncle parked the van there in a valley and we waited for my grandfather to arrive. While we waited, I can remember my uncle getting out his cocaine and doing another line. He also gave me some more of my potions, i.e. we sat in the van and did drugs while we waited. We waited for a short time, and I don’t remember talking much before my grandfather arrived. We could see him coming around the hill from the direction of the highway and he was still driving his Cadillac. I was concerned that he might get stuck out there on the dirt road because it was rough and there was some mud and puddles, but he did not get stuck, and he parked his car near my uncle’s van.

We got out of the van and I can remember greeting my grandfather. He opened the trunk of his car and produced some paper targets that we could use for sighting in the rifle. He also had some wooden stakes, and a stapler for setting up a proper target. I can remember him telling me that this was his “Contribution” to the operation which was a trigger for me in some way. But the thing that he had failed to bring on that trip was a hammer, so that we could pound the wooden stakes into the hard Idaho soil. My grandfather was somewhat embarrassed at having forgotten such a necessary tool. There are lots of stones in southern Idaho so we could have used one to set the stakes if need be. But I can remember that my uncle had a range finder, and he was able to pinpoint a place there in the small valley which was about five hundred yards out or so and there was some kind of debris out there at that distance; I can’t remember exactly what it was; some kind of old junk. We set up the paper targets that my grandfather had brought for U.S. and set up a position within which to shoot from.

I can remember working with my grandfather on the sighting in of the rifle and my uncle for the most part hung out trying to stay warm in the van. This took U.S. some time to get the weapon sighted in exactly where we wanted it and was somewhat arduous and boring for me. I would take two, maybe three shots at the target, and then my grandfather would make me hike out to the target and retrieve it to see positively where I was hitting. I would put up a fresh target as I retrieved the existing target and bring the one that we had been shooting at back to my grandfather. When I had retrieved the target and brought it back to my grandfather, we would look it over and make the appropriate adjustment to our weapons scope. We also ran a cleaning rod down through the barrel of the weapon in between our shots in order to ensure the consistency of the weapon. My grandfather mostly did this while I was retrieving the targets. Then I would take another two or three shots at the fresh target before retrieving it and continuing with this process. This all took U.S. sometime, but I cannot say for sure how long. When at last we had the rifle sighted in properly I can remember that I cleaned the rifle there in the back of the van so that it would be ready for that night’s operation. While I did this my uncle and grandfather sat in the front of the van and did some more cocaine. When I was done cleaning the rifle, I put it back into its hard case and we put the paper targets, stakes and stapler into the trunk of my grandfather’s Cadillac. I can remember that my grandfather mentioned something about going to see someone that he knew in a nearby housing development there north of Eagle while he was in the area though I do not know/remember who this individual was. We said goodbye to my grandfather, and he wished U.S. luck on that night’s operation. He asked U.S. to follow behind him on the dirt road to make sure that he was able to get back out onto the highway in his car. We followed my grandfather out of the shooting area and back out to the main highway. I can remember that my uncle and I both found it humorous watching my grandfather drive his nice Cadillac on the high desert dirt road. When we reached the highway, my grandfather turned right and my uncle turned left, and we were now heading south back toward his home.

My uncle drove U.S. back to his house there outside of Eagle and he parked the van in the garage. By this time it was getting late in the afternoon and was about time that I should be heading home for the day; if my day had been a normal work day I would be calling it quits by that time. I can remember my uncle telling me that I needed to call my wife to let her know that I would be working late that evening and would not be home for dinner. He gave me his cell phone and told me to call her at our apartment. He said that he was going to go into the house for a moment while I did this to check on his family. My uncle left the garage, and I did as I had been told and I called my wife and I talked to her for a few moments and told her that I would be working late that night at my uncle’s house and would not make it home in time for dinner. I finished talking to my wife and my uncle Gale came back into the garage. I can remember that he told me that I would need some rest before our operation that night and he gave me some of the blue potion/drug from his box of potions so that I would fall asleep; the blue potion always put me to sleep. He made me sit in the front passenger seat of the van and he said that in this way he could simply tell members of his own family that I was tired and had simply fallen asleep and was taking a short nap. I did as I was told, and I drank the blue potion and fell asleep in the front of the van.

The next thing that I can remember is waking up in the front of the van as my uncle was driving U.S. somewhere. I was really tired and really out of it. He went to Gowen Field, and I can remember him going through the security check point. The effects of the drug of sleep were strong and I was pretty out of it as he passed through security. I can remember him moving myself and our rifle/gear to the government van, but I was half awake during this process. The next thing that I can remember is waking up again in the government van on a city street outside of the Neurolux bar. It was night and was dark outside of the van. My uncle was inside of the van with me and was sitting on the driver’s side. He woke me up and he had a plate of food there for me from the meal that my aunt had made that night for dinner. I can remember that it was fried chicken and was really good. It was on a plate covered in tin foil. If my aunt ever gets a chance to read this work, I would like to say thank you as it was truly a good meal. These things are strange to recall but these were the ways of my family; a Satanic family who worked for the CIA and the Pentagon.  I can remember eating my meal there in the front of the van with my uncle. I can also remember that at some point during all this my uncle gave me some more drugs from his box of potions to wake me up and get me going again. These drugs are a big part of mind control operations and programming. When I had finished eating, my uncle and I got into the back of the van, and he got me set up with a communications device. This was a device similar to what is seen worn by such as the Secret Service with a main communications box connected by some kind of tube or wire which connects to and wraps around the ear. I can remember that we duck taped the main component to my abdomen and tucked it all under my clothing. I was going to be sent into the bar so that I might get direct eyes on the target as my uncle wanted me to see the man that I was to kill that evening. My uncle also gave me some cash at that time to pay for my cover charge into the bar and to pay for my drinks. He also showed me images of the man who was the target so that I might understand who it was that I was looking for. I can remember that he was a man of color.

When I was ready to go, I stepped out from the back of the van and out onto the city street. It was a colder night as it was spring and there were not many people out on the sidewalk though there was some. I walked to the front entry of the bar/lounge and I entered through the main door. I can remember that it was loud and busy inside of the bar and there was a host stand of some kind set up upon entry to the building with a host/bouncer there to take your cover charge and check your identification. My uncle had given me the cash that I would need to pay for my cover charge and any drinks I may have when I was in the bar, and he had also given me a military identification card: this was the one that he had used for me when we had entered the base there at Gowen Field. I was very friendly to the bouncer at the door, and I paid my cover charge and showed them my identification card. But the name on the I.D. card was not my real name, rather an alias that had been given to me by Byrd some years prior. The host/bouncer asked me if I was there that evening to see the band that was to be playing that night, and I told him that, yes, that was why I was there. He pointed out a seat for me that was close to the stage but still close to a bar area with servers so that I might be close to the band and still get good service. I thanked him and made my way over to the area that he had pointed out for me.

I can remember that I was seated in a spot that was very close to the area where the band would be playing, but the show had not yet started when I had arrived. I sat down at a small table and there was a cocktail waitress who came to see what I would like to drink that night. At first, I was very confused because I did not drink much at that time in my life, and I did not know what I should order. I can remember that I had my communications device, and my uncle could hear my conversation with the waitress, and he could tell that I was confused and did not know what to get. She left me there for a short time to think on the matter and my uncle told me what drink I should get. When the waitress returned, I ordered what my uncle had told me to order, and she went to get me my drink. I talked with Gale for a moment over the coms device and thanked him for his help on my drink selection because I had not known what to get there at the bar. Personal decisions are difficult for a mind slave. After a short time, the young woman brought me my drink and I thanked her; I do not remember if I paid her for each individual drink or if she ran a tab for me.

I sat there in the bar for a time sipping on my drink and examining the bar and my surroundings. There was lots of young people in the bar and being a young man, I noticed many of the beautiful women that were present that night. I was also in a personality that was a womanizer and enjoyed the company of beautiful women. Some of the women in the bar also noticed me sitting by myself there with no company but I do not remember if I talked with any of them at this time.

I can remember that after a time, I do not know how long it was, but the band got set up and got started with the show. I was sitting very close to the stage area and the band was extremely loud; I can remember that the drummer of the band could really pound on the drums, and it was even difficult for my uncle and I to communicate over the coms device when the band was playing. This was some kind of punk band, and I tried to listen to the songs and find something worth listening to in it, but really it seemed to me to just be very loud, and I hoped that my ears would not be injured from sitting so close to them. I can remember that there was a group of people sitting across from me on the other side of the building from where I was sitting and the band was playing, and there was an attractive woman in the group whom I had taken notice of and had also taken notice of me. I did not mind this as she was a beautiful woman and as I have said I was in a womanizer personality, and we made eye contact as people will do in such situations. This went on for a short time and all the while I was in contact with my uncle over the com’s device in between the band’s songs. At some point I can remember my uncle telling me that the target was entering the building and was with a small group of people. He told me to pay attention and to get my eyes on the target and off of the woman. I did as I was told and from where I was sitting, I could see the front entry of the bar and those who were entering and leaving. I watched as the man who was the target entered the building. The woman who I had been checking out across the bar noticed that my attention had been taken from her and she also looked over to the front entry of the bar to see what had distracted me. I tried not to pay attention to her, and I watched as the target paid his cover charge and entered the bar. I would say that he seemed genuinely excited and happy to be there where he was at that moment in time.

When the target had entered the bar, he did not enter alone but was rather with two or three other people, but none of them was his wife. This man’s wife had stayed home that night because she had either just given birth, or was at the end of her pregnancy with a child; I do not know which, but I do know that this man and his wife would have a newborn child with them the next time that I would see them. That is a story for another time. When the target entered the bar he was looking all around as though he was trying to find someone that he was looking for. I can remember him scanning the bar and passing me by with his eyes and not noticing me as I watched him. He found the people that he was looking for which was the group that had the beautiful woman I had been making eye contact with and he and his friends went in their direction through the bar after paying their cover charge. The target joined this group on the other side of the band from where I was sitting, and I could tell that they were all glad to see each other as they said hello and greeted one another.

At some point after this it was time for me to leave the bar and get myself back out to the van. I can remember that I stood up and started making my way toward the exit which was also the entry to the building. I said goodbye to the host/bouncer at the door because I was in a friendly personality, but before I could get out of the building the door opened and some people stepped into the bar that I was familiar with. It was the older sister of one of my best friends, Nick, there in the valley; her name was Gretta, but I do not remember who she was with. I was very surprised by this as was she and when she saw me, she blurted out my name and introduced me to the individual that she was with. She told her friend my name and told them that I was her little brother’s friend. This was all very un-nerving because she was about to blow my cover in that she was using my real name and not that of the alias I had provided to the host/bouncer of the bar. She also noticed very quickly the communications device that I was wearing and was in my left ear and she reached up to grab it and said something like, “What is this Johnny, what are you a secret agent or something?” She was, I could tell very drunk, and she was very loud about all of this. I do not at this time remember what I told her as an explanation for the com’s device in my ear. I tried my best to act like everything was as normal as it could be, and I talked with her for a moment. Her friend seemed disinterested in me and left us at the front of the bar. I can remember her trying to talk me into going with her and having some drinks with her and her friends, but I told her that I had to go, and I gave her some kind of excuse for this. I was able to get out of the bar without any more incidents. There were some people outside of the entry standing around and smoking and I made my way around the south side of the bar and walked back around to the van where my uncle was waiting for me. When I had gotten out of the bar my uncle asked me over the coms device what the hell had just happened in the bar, and I explained to him that I had run into my friend’s older sister. He told me to get back to the van and I walked down the sidewalk and entered the van through the back door.

I can remember that it was relieving to be back into the van with my uncle as the entire operation had almost been compromised by my friend’s older sister. When I was back in the van, my uncle questioned me my encounter with Gretta inside of the bar and I told him everything as in the personality I was in Gale, and I were close friends and associates. This man had created this personality for such things as we were then about. We also talked about the target who had entered the building and I had laid eyes on. I had at that time a clear idea of who my target was that night. We took the coms device from my abdomen, and it was somewhat painful pulling the duct tape from my skin. After this we got into the front of the van and my uncle drove U.S. through the city and over to Zions Bank. I can remember that it was late in the evening by this point in time, though I do not understand exactly what time it was, and we pulled into the parking garage. Unlike a couple of days prior when we had staked out this spot there was on that night a man there who was in the parking garage who seemed to work for the bank. The upper floor of the garage was also marked as closed off to the public with some form of barricade/cones. My uncle stopped and talked to the man who was supposed to be a security guard or something and explained to him that we had arrived and needed to get to the top floor of the parking garage. The man said that he understood and would let U.S. pass. My uncle told this man to keep an eye out and told him that he was not to let anyone else up onto the top floor of the parking garage that night. This man was in on the work we were about. 

I can remember that my uncle pulled the van up to the top floor of the parking garage and he parked in the northeast corner of the lot, and close to the bank building itself. My uncle explained to me that he had already set up our rope lines the night before as he had talked with the people in charge of the bank and had been able to do this simply by gaining access to the top of the building through its interior. He explained to me that the people at Zions Bank were in the network and had given him access to the building and had also provided the security guard at the entry to the parking garage; these were they’re contributions. No one else would bother U.S. that night as no one else would be allowed onto the upper levels of the parking garage.

Though my uncle had set up our rope system there on the bank we still had to get the rifle up to the rooftop as we had just sighted it in that day, and it was in the back of the van. I was made to strip out of my street clothes, and I put on my one-piece operations uniform and boots. We set me up again with the coms device and got me into a harness and ready to go up the building. I can remember getting out of the van and getting set up to ascend the ropes as there was two of them. For the ascent I would use what is called a Jumar device which allowed me to climb the ropes with these mechanical devices; I would use two of them. I had to take the rifle up with me which at first being in a military state of mind seemed to me to be a novel thing as I was a soldier taking my weapon to my sniping position. But the building was tall, and it was somewhat tiring hauling myself and my rifle up the rope lines and I did not want to bump or disrupt the scope on the weapon. I was able to accomplish this task and I got to the top of the rope and disconnected from the lines when I was safe to do so. All the while I was in direct contact with my uncle on the ground who was in the van below me there in the parking lot. I got the rifle set up in a good position on the west side of the bank above the city. Now I sat and I waited for the target to emerge from the bar; now it was a waiting game.

I can remember that on that night it was cold and there was a light wind. I was dressed in my one-piece uniform and was actually very cold in my position. I was ok for a time, but then as I was not moving but rather was just stationary and waiting for the target I began to get cold up there on the roof of the bank. I was in contact with my uncle below and I told him this; that I was cold. He simply told me to hold my position and to wait for the target. I do not know how much time passed as I held my position on the rooftop but at some point, my uncle came over the coms and he told me the plans to our operation. He told me that the target would most likely stay in the bar until closing time which would be around 2 A.M. in the morning. He told me that at that time the bar would make everyone leave as it would be time to close and so there would be a crowd of people in front of the bar. My uncle told me that I was first to shoot the target; he wanted a kill shot to the head. Then he told me that after I had terminated the target, I was to shoot my friends older sister Gretta, who had seen me there that night in the bar. He knew that she was still in the bar though I do not know how he knew this. But he said that he wanted her dead because she was a potential witness and might talk about my encounter with her there in the bar that night with the authorities. My uncle told me that after I had killed the target and killed my friend’s older sister, I was to unload my weapon on the rest of the crowd. I do not know if my uncle was given these orders by someone else or if he personally developed this plan, but this is what we were about that night. We were to cover the assassination of this man as a mass shooting; it was to be spun as just another random mass shooting in this country.

Now all of this was very difficult for me to digest in my current state there on the top of the roof of Zions; it pushed me into another state of mind, or rather into another personality and my programming was breaking down. I believe that this is partly due to the fact that as I have mentioned earlier in this writing that I had smoked marijuana with some of my friends some days prior to this event, which is known to break down human bio-programming and I was moving through personalities and could not comprehend such an action as I had just been ordered to take. It was one thing to kill a man who was a target of the Pentagon and the CIA, but to kill my friend’s older sister and a bunch of other innocent people there in front of the bar seemed to me to be complete madness. Mentally this was a very painful process. I expressed my apprehension to my orders with my uncle over the coms, but he would hear none of it and told me to do as I had been instructed. We went silent for a short time, and I tried to digest what the hell was going on and in my mind, I could not come to terms with my orders. I had also begun to get really cold as I was not properly dressed for this operation and I got on the coms again after a time, and I told my uncle that I was very cold in my position. In my mind I was trying to figure out a way to end all of this and was asking myself what the hell I was doing up there and how can I get out of this mess. There was a part of me that was concerned that I would not be able to even make the shots as I was shaking with cold and was going numb. I tried to communicate this with my uncle, but he would not hear me on this issue and he told me to hold my position and to wait for the target. He was starting to sound frustrated at me over the coms. I can remember that at this point I really lost my shit, and I wanted nothing to do with any of this; I just snapped, and I told my uncle to go to go and fuck himself, and I told him that I was freezing my ass off and could not make any such shots under these conditions. I told him that if he wanted these people dead then he should get his lazy ass out of the van and get up onto the roof himself and do it; I was freezing to death up there and was not even properly geared up for the environmental conditions. The coms went silent for a moment after I flipped out on my uncle, then he very sternly told me to abort the operation. He told me to get back onto the ropes and to get my ass back down to the van. I could tell by his tone of voice that he was really pissed, and I had just blown everything, but at that moment in time I did not care, as in my mind my uncle could go to hell. I do not remember if I brought the rifle down with me but I do remember going back down the ropes and to the van where my uncle was waiting. I knew as I descended the lines that I was in deep shit when I got down to the ground again, but I was in a state of mind to face such consequences. I can remember that I entered the van from the rear doors, and I was in an arrogant and strong state of mind who was ready to face my uncle and I was even going to give him a tongue lashing or more, but something happened when I entered the van. I don’t remember what, but I went unconscious and do not remember much after getting into the van.

These are the things that I can remember of that night so long ago. I do not regret that this operation was a failure, but rather I am much relieved that it was. My uncle was very pissed about what had happened that night there in the city of Boise. I would go to work again the next day there at my uncle’s home and I would be made to go and take down the rope system from the rooftop of the bank. I can remember that I was to treat it as though I was simply a maintenance worker there at the building and I was made to do this. After I had taken the ropes system down from the bank and I had returned to my uncle’s home there to the north of Eagle, I was put through a form of suicide programming which involved a Glock 19 handgun. I will discuss these events in another journal entry. I would also like to add that though the man who was the target on that night was allowed to survive this attempt on his life, he would not live for long after this event. The target and his wife had purchased a home on the edge of the small town of Hailey, Idaho which is just to the south of Ketchum and Sun Valley. This is where the CIA would catch up to him again and I would be used in his execution. That is a journal entry for another time.

This work is a Journaled Memory of the author: J.R. Sweet

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