…The Mormon Connection and Blood Atonement…

Warning: this document is intended for persons over the age of eighteen years of age only due to extreme violence and murder, and this document does contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Projects.

This journaled memory is about an evening when I was a young child, and I was made to be involved in the murder of a family there in the Boise Valley where I grew up. This murder took place in a Mormon church building in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho after a Cub/Boy Scouts award ceremony. This family had found out about the pedophilic and Satanic network in the church and had actively opposed it and tried to expose it in some way; they were said to have broken some form of covenant with God and the Church. The entire family was made to pay for this in blood. There were several Satanic members involved with this murder. The bodies of this family were dismembered and fed to hogs at a hog farm outside of town which the CIA controlled at that time. I pray for all of the blessings of heaven to go out to this family and to all of those that were hurt by these actions on that night so long ago.

Family is used by the Central Intelligence Agency as a psychological binding agent for those Satanic and pedophilic families which are involved with Mk-Ultra and the mind control program. While I was at Disneyland for the first time in 1984, I had been told by Dr. John C. Lilly on the television screen on the ride Journey Into Inner Space, that there would be one who would come into my life and would help me on my “journey” through the project. In this he was referring to my CIA appointed mind control handler who was to be one of my uncles: my uncle Gale Pooley. The CIA and the Elite prefer to use family members as handlers for their slaves because of the use of the mental and phycological family bind instilled within all of us from birth; children trust their family members and they should be able to.  

Religion also, like family is used by the Central Intelligence Agency as a multi-purpose tool and psychological binding agent in their trauma-based mind control program, as well as for social engineering purposes and population thought control and manipulation. There are several large religious institutions which the CIA can manipulate and use in containing the project such as, the Catholic Church for example, as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e., the Mormon Church). Such institutions are easy for the Agency and the Satanic Elite to infiltrate and manipulate as where there is power and money there is corruption.

The Mormon church or, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a very prominent religion in Utah and Southern Idaho where I was raised as a child; I was raised in a very strict Mormon family. This religious institution is under the control of a Satanic cabal that is hiding within its congregations and is in control of the highest positions within the church structure. The leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are what would be considered literal Satanists practicing what they refer to as the Left-Hand Path of God. I am not saying this to be judgmental and/or mean; I am simply stating a fact due to my experiences with this religion and its leaders. This Satanic group is deeply connected to the Satanic Elite and the Central Intelligence Agency’s trauma-based mind control program. In particular and more to the direct point: the Mormon church provides sexually abused children to the CIA for use in their Mk-Ultra mind control program. The church also works at covering up the sins of its protected generationally incestual Satanic pedophile population as in the minds of the Satanic Elite and the Central Intelligence Agency these children are valuable assets to the project which the Church provides. I grew up in a family that was protected under this religious umbrella by this Satanic cabal and the Central Intelligence Agency.

As a child growing up the church was a big part of our lives, and we attended church services every Sunday for as far back as I can recall in my memory; it was always a part of our lives and for many in my family it still is. I was raised in a religiously fundamentalist Mormon household that lived and breathed Mormonism. That is not because they were all good people but rather the church provided them a means of following the Left-Hand Path of God under the guise of being good Christians. My family blood line also kills for this church and the dark secrets which are held tightly within its community.

When I was young and attended church, Sunday services were always three hours long and this meant that our entire Sunday was always consumed with getting ready for, going to, and cleaning up after church. After church services we would relax around the house and typically watch television and/or movies. As a note, we as children were not allowed to play outside on Sundays, as our parents would tell us that it was a “day of rest”, and we were not to go outside on that day of the week. This never made sense to me as a child but that was the eternal rule, and it was considered breaking the Sabbath if we were to go and play outside on Sundays. Along with the regular church services there was also the Cub Scout meetings, and then as I got older the Boy Scout meetings which I would attend. Scouts was most often held within the church buildings themselves as the Church was a sponsor of this organization. I can remember one evening when I was very young and the church building that I was in was used for something other than sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ or a Cub/Boy Scout’s function. Something very bad happened; a family was brutally murdered.

It was evening and was dark outside. I must have been around six or seven years old at that time. I can remember that I was at one of the church buildings there in Nampa, Idaho with my family. There had been a Scouts function that night at the church; it was an awards ceremony of some kind for our area. Many of my family members were present at the Scouts awards ceremony including my father, Mark R. Sweet, grandfather, Mark D. Sweet, uncle, Gale Pooley, my older brother, and my younger brother, as well as one of my younger cousin’s. At that time in my life, we all lived there in the Nampa area: my family, my grandparents and my uncle. On that evening, there had been a larger than expected crowd of people and members of the church who had come to the ceremony, and they had to open one of the accordion style room dividers that are typical to LDS church buildings in order to allow the use of another room to accommodate for the crowd of people. It is important to note that these rooms were adjacent to the kitchen in the building.

I can remember that after the Scouts award ceremony some people left right away and went home or about their evenings business. And on the other hand, some people stuck around in the room to talk as adults will do, and clean up and put the folding chairs away, etc. I can remember hanging out in the meeting room for a short time and then I went out into the halls to play as children will also do, until the adults were ready to leave. But my younger brother and I had been told by our uncle shortly after the meeting that we were not to leave when our father was ready to take U.S. home. He said that rather he would give U.S. a ride home when he was ready to leave the church building later that evening. We were all family so this made sense to me at that time, and at that time I could not remember to remember that I could not trust my family. When our father was ready to leave, he came and found me in the halls where I was playing. My father told me that he was going to head home, and he was going to take our older brother with him, but he said that my younger brother and I were to stay and get a ride home with our uncle when he was ready to leave. My uncle had already told me this and I told my father that I understood. He left the building and took our older brother home with him; my father did not stay for the events which unfolded there in the church building that night.

My younger brother and I and our cousin played in the halls for what seemed like a long time that night waiting to leave and head home. We played together some there in the halls of the church, but we also played alone and/or with other children. As a child I could be very introverted, and I would often play by myself; I found myself playing alone and separated from my younger brother and cousin after a time. I was young and wanted to go home and I can remember going back to the meeting room to see what was going on and when we might be able to leave as after a while many of the attendees had gone home for the night and only about fifteen to twenty or so remained there in the room talking. But it seemed as though something more was going on that night as someone told me that they were waiting on one talkative person to leave the building before we could do what we were waiting to do. This man was not involved in the Satanic network and was not a member of our group. This talkative fellow was an older gentleman and was round around the middle. He really liked to talk and the people who were left in the room waiting for him to finish talking and leave, waited somewhat nervously and talked in small groups together eying him and others around the room. As a child I could not quite tell what was going on at that time or what was to unfold that night there in the church building. After checking in on the meeting room I went back out into the halls to play and wait for whatever was going on.

Then, I can remember that after a time the large older gentleman who was talkative walked by me in the halls and was heading toward the doors of the building. He was a nice man, and he said goodbye as he passed and ironically commented on how talkative everyone back in the room had been. I was relieved to see him leave because something seemed to be going on and I just wanted to go home that night. A short time after this my younger brother came and found me there in the halls and told me that I had to come with him as my uncle wanted to see me back in the meeting room.

I followed my brother to the room where there were still several adults and children from various families present. When we got there, we checked in with my uncle and he told me to stand by the interior wall near the door and said that I was to stand at this spot and to not move. He next told my little brother to go and find our cousin because he said that he, “wanted him to be here for this”. I said that I could also go and help in finding our younger cousin, but my uncle told me that I was to stay in the room and stand by the wall and was not to move, as once he had us there in the room, he did not want us going anywhere. My younger brother went to look for our cousin there in the building, and I stood and waited for them both there in the room near the wall. My grandfather was also there in the room, and he was talking to the Bishop of the ward who was also present for all of this. There was a great amount of excitement in the air as though something was about to happen, but as a child I could not understand what was going on. There were members of the church who were spreading thick plastic down on the floor in the room and covering it up for some reason. Other members were closing the accordion style divider to the other room we had used for the Scouts ceremony. All the chairs from the awards ceremony had been put away. My younger brother brought our cousin back into the room a short time later and we three all stood together against the wall while the room seemed to be being prepared for something.

The lights were turned down low in this room somehow and I can remember my grandfather telling someone in the room to go and get the white punch bowl out from the kitchen of the church and bring it to him as it would be needed for whatever was about to occur. I can also remember my uncle and a couple of other members of the group doing a line of cocaine there in the room. They did this out in the open in front of everyone and no one seemed to mind. Those who were not into this kind of behavior simply acted like it was normal for them to be doing this and turned what would be called a “blind eye” to it. In this Satanic group potions and drugs are accepted forms of ritual practice and dark magic. For me at this point in the evening things were beginning to go “Over the Rainbow” as I was pushed into other personalities familiar with these types of behaviors and situations. My grandfather had brought a knife for this event, and I can remember the adults talking about it and getting it out. This was a long and sharp ceremonial blade with a bone white handle. It was double edged and came to a sharp point at the tip of the blade. This knife was similar to the one that I had seen my grandfather use while my little brother and I had been under the park in Disneyland when he had murdered that little girl there in 1984 and it was familiar to me; Satanic Ritual Murder is a very real thing. (It is also important to note that Satanists will often use a particular weapon, such as a ceremonial blade, repeatedly over time for the purpose of such things as killing, torture, etc. Objects of dark magic are very important to Satanists and for Satanists these items of the physical world hold power. They believe that each time that this tool kills it is given more power in some way.) There was one who was chosen to run the blade for this event; this individual was given the blade.

In the Satanic network within which I was raised each family had a specific role or part to play in the events and rituals of the network. In this way all the Satanic families involved are bound together in their crimes; it is a form of group blackmail. My family was skilled at doing the actual killing, a family of executioners. I was being raised to be a runner of the blade for such events as I am now describing to you. Other families/members would be required to perform such tasks as dismembering the bodies, and yet others to transport the bodies out to the hog farm outside of town for disposal, etc. In this way all members were bound to the group as all members were involved with the crime. Many in the room were made to stand around the perimeter of the room and all were in small groups of families and individuals. The white punch bowl was retrieved from the church kitchen and was brought to my grandfather.

There was a door in the exterior wall of the room which led out of the building and into the parking lot. Someone told some of the adults that it was time, and the exterior door was opened, and three or four male members went outside. Some moments passed before these members came back inside of the building leading a group of people that were wearing white or light grey colored robes with hoods. The hoods were pulled up over their heads and their hands were tied in front of them and each of them held onto the robe of the person in front of them as they entered the building. Their ankles were also bound in some way and there was a rope connecting their ankles to their hands so that they were bound. They had blindfolds on, and their mouths were also gagged. The people in robes varied in size with two of them being taller and the rest of them getting shorter as they entered the building in a line. There was about six or seven of them altogether though I confess that I cannot remember exactly how many of them there were; I don’t like remembering these things at all.

The people in robes were led into the center of the room where the plastic had been laid out on the floor and were made to line up in a row from tallest to shortest. As I faced them standing next to the wall in the shadows it seemed that the eldest was to my left and the youngest was to my right. Once they were all lined up and standing still, they were told to get onto their knees there in the room on the plastic; the adult members of our group made them get onto their knees. Their hoods were pulled back, and it was clear that this was a family with two parents and their children. There was a man and a woman who were the parents of the children that were there with them. I do not at this time remember knowing these people as I was very young when all of this occurred. I do remember that the man had brown hair that was somewhat shaggy and not well trimmed, and he had a stubble of facial hair which was a short beard one might say. This man was slightly shorter than the other men there in the room, but he was fit and stocky and seemed like a working man. This man’s wife who was next to him on her knees there in the room was thin and around his height or slightly shorter. I can remember that this woman had long red hair; her hair was very red and the color of many of her children’s hair was also the same red. None of what was taking place there in the room seemed good, but I was in a state of mind for dealing with such things and these were the ways in which I was raised.

Several of us were selected to be involved with what was unfolding there in the room, and I can remember that adults were chosen to hold and stand behind the adult prisoners, and children in corresponding age were selected to hold and to stand behind the children of the family there on their knees. There were two children in their family that were young teens; I can remember that one of them was a girl. Two young teens were chosen to hold these two children standing behind them and keeping them there and under control. I was chosen to hold a young boy about my age. He had red hair and I was made to stand behind him and hold him in place there on his knees. My younger cousin was made to stand behind a young child of only about three or four years old. My younger brother was selected to help with holding the white punch bowl which had been retrieved from the church kitchen and he was responsible for moving it from prisoner to prisoner as the executions unfolded there in the room. When all the prisoners had one or more of the members from the group behind them, and we were holding them firmly in place someone removed their blindfolds so that they could see where they were at that moment in time. All of this was a nightmare to behold, and I had no control over the situation as I was only a child: in my mind I figured that this must be the way of the world.

When the prisoners could see where they were and the situation that they were in they did struggle for a moment, and I can remember having to hold the young boy so that he did not get free from me in his struggle. This was all a horror to be involved with. I can remember my grandfather saying loudly, “All right, all right, calm down, calm down.” The prisoners stopped struggling for a moment and my grandfather told the two parents there on their knees that they were going to remove their gags because he wanted to talk with them for a moment. My grandfather then told the members holding these two adults in place to remove the gags from the woman and the man. When the woman’s gag was removed, I can remember that she screamed; it was a most terrifying scream that dug deep into one’s heart and soul in her terror and helplessness there in this situation. She screamed and yelled for help and her husband also screamed with her and they both called out for someone to hear them there in the building. There was a struggle amongst the children that we were made to hold and much of my own focus in this was on ensuring that the prisoner I held did not get free in some way. I can remember my grandfather openly laughed at them and told the man and the woman to, “scream away, no one will hear you here, there is no one else in this building to hear you.” Their screams finally died down and my grandfather began to talk with the man and the woman.

I will tell you that all this was a horror to be involved with and even this memory has taken me several months and even years to work through because of the nightmare which it was, and I was so young at that time. I confess openly that I cannot remember everything that was said and took place during this event, but events such as I am now describing to you must be told so that the people of this world may gain an understanding of the evil which is lurking in the shadows of our governmental and religious institutions. People have been murdered in order to keep these many things secret. Therefore, I will tell you what I can.

I can remember that my grandfather started by telling the man and the woman that they both knew why they were there in the situation that they were in as they had been saying bad things about some of the members of the group that were there in the room and standing in the shadows by the wall; my grandfather said that this couple had been accusing one of the families there in the room of being pedophiles and Satanists and to being involved with a network of pedophiles and Satanists. I can remember my grandfather pointing to the accused family standing there in the dark by the wall and saying, “There they are, those that you would accuse. What do you have to say to them now?” He said these things in such a way as he was not convinced of this, nor was he on one side or the other as though the family on their knees could talk to him about these things.

The man and the woman on their knees openly accused the family in question of being sexually abusive to their children and to some form of Satanic practice. They told my grandfather how one of their children had been abused and witnessed abuse by the man standing in the shadows with his wife and children. There was also some discussion of Satanism. They told him how their child had told them about this, and they had gone to the ward Bishop and told him hoping for some action on the part of the church. But they had been told to be quiet about the matter and told by the Bishop that he would take care of it, but he had done nothing. They accused the Bishop of covering up the behaviors of this man and of being involved with a network of Satanists and pedophiles hiding within the church. They said these things as though my grandfather might have been an honest and good man who would hear them and help them in their current situation. There was some arguing over this issue and in the end my grandfather, the Bishop and the other members in the room were hearing none of it. All in the room were Satanists and pedophiles hiding within the structure of the Church. You cannot accuse a wolf in front of its own pack. I cannot remember if this family there on their knees understood that this group was also connected to the Central Intelligence Agency or not.

I can remember my grandfather telling the man and the woman that the things that they were talking about were sacred and that they should not have been working to expose this family for what they had believed to be wrong and to be sin. This man and woman had started talking to someone in law enforcement about these matters when the bishop had done nothing about these issues, and my grandfather accused the man and the woman there on their knees of having broken some form of “covenant” with God and the Church in some way over all of this. He said that the only way to pay for this was in the shedding of their own blood and the blood of their children. The woman screamed again, and we all had to hold the prisoners in place as they struggled to get free with my grandfather’s words; she screamed and said we were all “Satanists”. This was all very traumatic and confusing to me. The man and the woman were again gagged, and the struggle subsided some in the room. It was time to send them back to God.

I can remember that there was no mercy in any of this and the killing started quickly. The one among us who ran the blade had the knife, and he took control of the man there on his knees first; with his left hand he took the man’s head and the member/members who had been holding this man there under control were told to step back. My little brother was told to get at the foot of the man who was on his knees so that he could catch the man’s blood in the white punch bowl which had been brought in from the church’s kitchen. Then, the one who had been chosen to kill this family bent the man’s head up so that he could look the man directly in the eyes as he killed him, and his jugular vein in his neck was well exposed for the blade. Then he said some things to the man all of which I do not remember. I can remember him saying that he was sending him back to God. The one running the blade bent this man over the punch bowl, and he cut his throat out right there in the room. This was a horrible sound to hear and event to bear witness to and there was a great struggle among the prisoners we held as they saw and heard their father’s execution taking place. The man was quickly bled out as when the heart loses pressure in such a way as this it soon fails and stops, and the bleeding subsides with death. The one with the knife moved quickly and next he killed the woman in the same manner as he had killed the man; he slit her throat out and drained her blood into the white punch bowl which my little brother was made to move along down the line of victims. (As a note, I can remember that during this process it was important that none of the hair of the victims got into the blood being drained into the white punch bowl as it was considered a contaminant, unclean.)

The group of prisoners struggled less with the death of their mother and the fight in them seemed to be fading as the reality of what was occurring set fully into all in the room. After they had killed the woman, the one with the blade moved quickly onto and through the children, killing each of them in the same manner as their parents. In the end they had killed every single member of this family there in the room and drained their blood into the white punch bowl which my little brother was made to hold and move from victim to victim; in the end their still bodies were all crumpled up on the floor in a line on the plastic there in the room.

After all the members of this family were dead and this evil work was done, the white punch bowl was passed around the room and all present for this event drank from it; I can remember that I was made to drink from the vessel as well as my younger brother and my cousin. There are affects to the mind and the body when one consumes human blood still warm and drawn through trauma due to all the chemicals which are released in the body during the moments before and during death. Human blood is very important in Satanic circles. This stuff is all terrible and I wish to God that I had never had to witness and be involved with such things, but I was only a child. To the Satanists this is dark and powerful magic and some of the adults there in the room seemed to really enjoy the consumption of the blood of their enemies.

After we had been made to consume the blood of this family, I can remember my grandfather talking to the Bishop and some other members there in the room about what was to be done with the bodies. My grandfather told the Bishop that the bodies were to be dismembered and taken out to a hog farm outside of town where they would be fed to the hogs there. He told the bishop that they were expected out at the farm that night as my grandfather had already worked it all out with the owner of the hog farm. This hog farm was under the control of my grandfather and the Central Intelligence Agency just for such events as this: the disposal of unwanted bodies.

After this my grandfather hypnotized all three of U.S., my younger brother, cousin, and myself so that we would remember to forget the events which had unfolded that night. He carried a pocket watch on a chain just for such events. Other members of the group were also being hypnotized there in the room as well. After being hypnotized my grandfather told my uncle to take us home and he instructed him that he was to use a taser on us before dropping us off at our house. It is strange but my grandfather also hypnotized my uncle after this event so that he could forget and deal with what he had just been involved with there in the room. This was all dark magic and was perceived as such. We did not stay for the process of dismembering and disposing of the bodies as this was not our job but was the responsibility of other families and members there in the network. We left the church building, and my uncle took my little brother and I back out to our house there on the south side of Nampa. It was dark outside and seemed to me to be getting late. My uncle used a taser on all three of U.S. there in the back of the van before we were allowed to go back inside of our parent’s house and the memories of these events were compartmentalized within my mind at that time.

That is what I can remember of the family that was murdered there in Nampa, Idaho when I was a young child by this Satanic group connected to the Central Intelligence Agency within which my family is involved. I do not at this time remember how the disappearance of this family was explained within the public circles of the area or to their own families and friends. I can remember talking to my grandfather about this event some days later, but I have yet to write that memory out in full and cannot discuss it at this time.

This work is a Journaled Memory of the Author: J.R. Sweet

All rights reserved.