…The Star Trek Convention…

Warning: This document is intended for persons over the age of eighteen years of age (18) only and does contain mental and subconscious triggers for those who have suffered from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Mk-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Projects.

I first began to write out this Journaled Memory in November of the year 2018 A.D. This Journaled Memory is about my experience at the family reunion in Nashville, Tennessee while I was on a trip back east with my grandparents in the summer of 1993 A.D. We went to a large family reunion event after my younger cousin, and I had met with Senator Robert Byrd earlier that day at the flower garden; this was the summer that we had both been sold by our parents into the service (Serve-U.S.) of Byrd and the CIA. After the family reunion my younger cousin, and I were taken to a Star Trek Convention in Memphis, TN, by some friends/relations of our grandparents. I will tell you that we did not attend a Star Trek convention that night, but rather we were used to make pornography for Byrd at a Naval Air Station there in Memphis, Tennessee. This pornography was then sold by Byrd on the black market for profit. This was Government Sponsored Child Pornography. Byrd would later tell me that within the first couple of days this film had earned him over fifty-thousand U.S. dollars ($50,000 U.S.D.).

We had met with Senator Robert Byrd on the day that we had left Branson Missouri. My meeting with the Senator can be read under the chapter, “Meeting With A Byrd in The Garden”. After our meeting with Byrd at the flower garden that day we continued on our journey to our hotel, and the family reunion there in Nashville, Tennessee; I can remember that my grandmother did not want to be late to the family reunion as it was important to her. We made it to Nashville on time that evening and were able to check into our hotel before the reunion began; the family reunion was to take place at the same hotel we were supposed to be staying at that night. I can remember that I did not feel well that evening as I had been tortured and electrocuted by Byrd earlier that day in the flower garden and had bandages on both of my wrists and the wound at the center of my chest was freshly injured. My cousin and I had also been raped and electrocuted by Charlie Pride the day before in Branson, Missouri; at that time, I could not remember getting these injuries and I could not remember all the bad things that were happening to me on this trip because I was never allowed to remember.

The hotel we were to stay at that evening was a nicer establishment and my grandparents grumbled about the cost of the night’s stay. They told my cousin and I that we would be staying at a less expensive hotel the following night as we would be in town for a couple of days visiting family and friends, but we would not be able to remain at this hotel for more than one night because of our budget for the trip. So, that evening we checked into the hotel, and all got ready in our room to attend the family reunion. I can remember that it was really hot in Nashville at that time, and for the evening’s events I wore a pair of nice shorts which I had brought with me on the trip. I do not remember what kind of shirt I was wearing that night though I do remember that I did not have a nice enough pair of shoes with me to wear for the family event, so my grandfather let me borrow a pair of leather cowboy boots that he had brought with him. These boots were a short top, zip side, leather cowboy boot. I felt like I looked silly with cowboy boots and shorts on, but my grandparents said that they looked better on me than my black Converse tennis shoes. I was not accustomed to cowboy boots as I had not worn them much if at all as a child, but I nonetheless put them on, and we all got dressed and ready for the evening’s events.

The family reunion took place on the main ground floor of the hotel and there was a large conference area there in the building for such events. There were lots of family at the reunion that my grandparents were familiar with, but whom I had never met. Many of the people in attendance were older but there were some younger families in attendance as well. There was probably about forty to fifty people present at the event though I am not sure of the exact number. I can remember my grandparents introducing my younger cousin and I to some of our cousins that were around my age at this reunion. They were girls and were not lacking in physical beauty and were very polite, nice people. But in my base personality girls made me nervous, and I had a hard time making conversation with them or being myself around them. I can remember talking to these girls for a brief time and my grandparents telling me after we had walked away and sat at our table, that maybe I could hook up with one of them for a date sometime in the future. I found this to be very odd as they were my cousins, but in the family this sort of thing was just normal.

For the evening’s events there was to be food and dinner served before a presentation on our family history. I am not sure if this meal was a potluck style event or if it was catered, but my cousin and I were both very glad to get a whole, “real” meal after living off of Kentucky Fried Chicken all that day and the evening before. My grandparents were extremely frugal with both money and food, having lived through the era of the Great Depression and I would spend many hungry hours with them on this trip wishing I had something decent to eat. Also, it should be noted that a main component of trauma-based mind control programming is being allowed at times to eat very little, if any food and or drink any water. This puts the mind into a survival state and helps to prevent the use of logic and empathy by the slave. I can remember my grandmother telling my cousin and I at the dinner that night that we had better appreciate such as meal as we were enjoying that evening as it would be some time again before we would get another like it. My grandmother could be very cruel, but I had difficulty seeing and understanding this at that time of my life; I was used to it, as she was my grandmother.

The family reunion was interesting but very boring as a fifteen-year-old kid. I did enjoy the food, and during dinner there was a live musician who played classical country music numbers with his guitar and people sat in groups at the various tables there talking and listening to him play as they enjoyed their meals. We sat close to the man playing the music and singing and I can remember listening to him while we ate our dinner. I did not know much about music and sound at that time, and I had thought that the man had sounded good enough, but when I tried to talk to my grandfather about the music, he seemed to get angry and annoyed that I would even want to talk to him about it. He grumpily and sternly told me that the man playing the music was not very good, and he was simply background noise for the event; nothing more. I can remember thinking that my grandfather was acting cruel with his judgement of the man’s musical talents, but at the time I could not remember who my grandfather was/had been, in the larger world outside of Nampa, Idaho where I had grown up and been raised.

After the evening’s meal there was a presentation about the family genealogical line. I can remember that the lights were turned off in the room and there was a slide show for the presentation about our family’s history. I found it interesting at that time that these people here in this room placed so much importance on their family history, but growing up in a Mormon household such things as genealogy and family history were an everyday part of life and conversation. (As a note, the genealogical program within the Mormon Church is used by the Satanic Elite and the Central Intelligence Agency for the purpose of finding and locating Satanic Family Bloodlines. In this way their research is funded not by their own money, but by the funds and volunteer actions of the members of the Church.) I tried to stay awake during the presentation with the lights off there in the room and appreciated being able to relax with some real food in my stomach.

The presentation lasted for about an hour or so and after it was over people gathered and talked for a while as family and friends will do. My cousin and I helped to put away the folding chairs and tables that had been used for the event as our grandparents talked with others there at the reunion; after a time, people started heading back to their rooms for the evening or back to their homes or other hotels in the area. My grandparents said their goodbyes to those they knew at the reunion, and we headed toward the elevators down the hall leading back to our room; our room was not on the first floor. I was looking forward to being able to relax some that night and get some rest, but this was not in the cards for either my younger cousin nor myself as we had both officially been sold to Byrd and were now his property, U.S. Government Property, and available for his use. And use U.S. that night he planned to do.

The hotel was a fancy and large building and there was a system of two elevators there close to the lobby for accessing the upper floors and our room for the night. One of U.S. activated the elevators and we waited for one of them to arrive. As we stood and waited the elevator to our right stopped on the main floor and rang its bell and the doors opened and four people stepped out into the lobby area there next to us. My grandparents instantly recognized the people who stepped out from the elevator, and they all began to say hello to each other as though they were old friends who had not seen each other for some time. These people who had just stepped out from the elevator were an interesting group to say the least, and I found it odd that my grandparents seemed to know them. To begin with the four people who stepped from the elevator were all dressed up in Star Trek costumes/outfits and were done up to look like characters on the popular original TV series. Two of them were men and two of them were women and they were all wearing brightly colored Star Trek uniforms; both females were wearing miniskirts such as those seen on the original Star Trek series and the two males were wearing men’s uniforms. Two of these people were also dwarves/little people, being only about four feet tall or so in height. One of the dwarves was male and the other was female, and they both seemed to be in about their late twenties to early thirties though I am not sure of their exact age at that time. There was also a very tall and thin white man of about six-foot two-inches or so in height and in his mid-twenties or early thirties, and there was a very attractive young woman of about eighteen to twenty years of age and of average height who was also there with them. She was thin and shapely and had straight light red hair. They were an interesting sight to see.

My grandparents greeted them as though they were relations though I had not seen them at the family reunion. My grandparents knew three of these people by name. The male dwarf was a man my grandfather called Jamie and he referred to him as a “cousin” in the family. (As a note, the term cousin is often used in the intelligence network to refer to someone who is also in the network. The term aunt and uncle are also used in this way. Members of the intelligence network are considered Familia.) The female dwarf was a woman named Barbara, and she was introduced as Jamie’s sister. The tall thin man was named, John and he was referred to as my cousin as well. John, we were told, was in a relationship with Barbara, Jamie’s sister. The young woman with light red hair who was with these three people was introduced as Alice, and we were told that she was Jamie’s wife.

As my grandparents talked with these people, I can remember that my grandfather asking Jamie why they had not attended the family reunion that evening as he had not seen them there at the evenings events. Jamie told my grandfather that they would have been at the family reunion, but he felt as though he would not have been welcomed by the rest of the family. He said that some in the family would judge him for mistakes he had made in the past and his reputation as a sexual offender. Jamie talked openly about this. My grandparents both told him that they did not judge him for things that had happened in the past and wished that they had all been at the reunion; my grandparents told him that, “what was past was past”. Then my grandfather asked Jamie where they were going all dressed up in the Star Trek costumes. Jamie told my grandparents that they were all heading to a Star Trek convention that was taking place in Memphis, Tennessee that night. Jamie said that the Star Trek, The Next Generation series was seeking new casting members and they were all hoping to be able to win a spot on the show. They all four seemed to be excited about the possibilities of this and I can remember John smiling in agreement with Jamie when he talked about it. But there was something strange and twisted in John’s smile; there was always something strange and twisted in John’s smile.

My grandfather told Jamie that such an event sounded like it would be a lot of fun, and he asked him if my younger cousin and I could not join the four of them for the evening, as this would be a good experience for the both of us. He also said that he and our grandmother were both very tired from all the traveling they had been doing and could use some time alone together to recuperate and get some rest. Jamie liked the idea of my younger cousin and I coming along with them and acted as though he was honored that my grandparents would entrust U.S. to him for the night. Everyone else in their little group agreed that we could come along with them for the evening, and my grandmother also acted like we should go. But I did not like this idea and I tried to protest going with these people as did my younger cousin as we did not know these people and were in a strange place; I told my grandparents that I would rather just relax in the hotel that night, but they would hear none of it and my younger cousin and I were both made to go with these four people to the “Star Trek Convention”. I will tell you that we did not go to a Star Trek Convention; my younger cousin and I were rather used for the production of a pornographic film for Byrd. Many of you may not know or understand that there is a lot of money in the sale of such things as child pornography if you have the right connections, and Byrd had a lot of connections. Byrd would later tell me that he had made over fifty-thousand dollars ($50,000.00) on this film in just the first couple of days.

 So, my younger cousin and I said our goodbyes to our grandparents there at the elevators and my grandfather gave me a key to the room so that we could get in when we came back later that night. Then my grandparents got into one of the elevators to head back to their room leaving U.S. there with Jamie, Barbara, John and Alice. My younger cousin and I followed these people out of the hotel and into the parking lot where they had their car parked. I can remember that at that time I was a fifteen year old kid and public appearances were important to me at that time in my life as it is for many teenagers. But I did not find it embarrassing being seen with these people as although they were a pretty “nerdy” looking group, they were at least interesting. It was evening outside, and it was still hot though the air was beginning to cool some with the setting of the sun. Jamie talked to my younger cousin and I as we walked out to his car and he seemed to have a particular interest in our families. I can remember that he talked about our grandfather and grandmother for a moment, and he seemed to hold a level of respect for them. He also talked about my cousin’s father. Our grandparents and my uncle were all influential members of the Intelligence Community. We were both young then, and my younger cousin did not want to talk about our grandparents or his dad with this man; he did not want to talk to Jamie. I talked with Jamie some as we walked, and I tried to be polite.

I was surprised when we arrived at Jamie’s car in the parking lot as it was not as nice of a vehicle as I had been expecting to see. The car was an older and boxy late 1970’s or early 1980’s Chrysler four door sedan, and Jamie was very proud of his car though he was unable to drive it as he did not have a driver’s license; he had purchased the car because he just really liked it. Therefore, it was John who would do the driving for the evening though it was nonetheless Jamie’s car. My younger cousin and I sat in the back seat with Jamie’s wife, Alice. I can remember that Jamie did not want to sit with his wife, but she was after all not really his wife, simply a CIA mind slave like myself playing her role for the evening’s events.

I can remember that when we got to the car, Jamie opened the rear passenger side door and told my younger cousin to get in. My cousin sat down in the car as he was told to do, but Jamie had intended for Alice and myself to also enter the car through the same door. Jamie told my cousin to scoot over, which he did to the middle of the back seat; he was a mind slave, and he did exactly as he was told to do. Frustrated Jamie firmly told my cousin to move all the way over to the driver’s side of the car and my cousin looking confused and scared finally moved over to the driver’s side of the back seat. Jamie then told Alice to get into the car and sit in the middle of the back seat. Alice did as she was told, and she bent down to get into the car. When she got into the vehicle ahead of me, she made no attempt at covering up her butt with her short skirt. When this occurred, I took notice as I was a fifteen-year-old male at that time. It was interesting to me as her outfit also seemed to have underwear sewn into the skirt itself which was made of the same material and was the same color as the skirt, but she also seemed to have panties on which were worn under the costume but over her pantyhose leggings. I was staring at her ass as she bent down to get into the car, and I realized that her supposed husband, Jamie was still standing next to me holding the door to the car. I became nervous that he would be jealous and bothered by all of this and I remember looking at him to see if he had noticed me checking out his wife. It was odd to me, but Jamie did not seem to mind that I was looking at his wife’s ass, rather he seemed to be pleased by it and made an odd expression of approval and curiosity. I found all of this to be very confusing and strange, but I sat down in the back seat next to Alice as I was told to do; I was sitting in the backseat on the passenger side. After this Jamie sat down in the front passenger seat of the car and his sister Barbara was sitting between him and John there in the front.

When we had all sat down in the car and Jamie had closed the door, I can remember that Alice started trying to pull her skirt down some as it was a tight fit on her and was pulling up and giving her a wedgy from sitting down in the car. She was not shy about this and told my cousin and I that her outfit was too tight and was giving her a wedgy. She adjusted her skirt and her pantyhose. My cousin was looking at her legs as she did this and I can remember his eyes getting really big as he looked at her as she did have nice legs. She said something to my cousin and realizing that he had been caught gawking at her legs he quickly turned away and was quiet. Alice was not shy, and I was now also in a personality that was not shy, and I was enjoying her outfit and her attractive nature, and we talked together some about her skirt and pantyhose and how they fit on her there in the back of the car.

John started up the car and we left the parking lot and got out onto one of the main roads there in town and started making our way out of Nashville and toward Memphis, which was about three hours away. The car had a radio and an eight-track player and Jamie put an eight track in and turned it on and we listened to classic rock on the drive; Jamie played the radio very loud in his car. I can remember that some of the tracks he played were Alice in Chains, The Eagles and Led Zeppelin all of which were blaring from his car. Not only did Jamie like rock music but he also smoked cigarettes, and after he had gotten the radio playing, he got out his pack of cigarettes to have a smoke. When he did this, Barbara his sister who was sitting next to him, told him that he should not be smoking in the car with kids in it such as my younger cousin and myself; she scolded him for this. Jamie was not touched by his sisters’ words, and he told her that my uncle and our grandfather would not care if he smoked around U.S. Jamie turned around in his seat and looking back at my younger cousin and I, he asked if we did not also want to have a cigarette as well. Alice and my younger cousin declined such an offer, but I was very fond of cigarettes at that time and had been smoking them for years as this was something that my grandfather liked to make me do as a child, was smoke tobacco. Jamie gave me a cigarette and he gave me a lighter to spark it up. I can remember that the cigarettes that Jamie smoked were Camel Wide’s which looked ridiculous in his mouth given the fact that he was not that big of a guy. My younger cousin looked very disappointed and angry at me when I took a cigarette from Jamie, and I can remember him saying angrily, “I am going to tell grandpa on you”. I was not worried about him telling on me because it was our grandfather who had gotten me into smoking in the first place. I can remember smoking my cigarette as we drove through town and though Alice had not taken a cigarette from Jamie, she did join me in smoking the cigarette which I had. I can also remember Jamie yelling at Alice and I over the loud music and from the front seat of the car, and telling U.S. to make certain that we did not burn the upholstery in his car and to make sure to ash the cigarette out of the passenger side window which I was sitting next to. He was adamant about this as he loved his car, so I made sure to ash my smoke out of the open window and to not burn the upholstery as I shared it with Alice.

I can remember smoking the cigarette with Alice as we were leaving Nashville. Nashville is an interesting city which at that time was dominated by a country western theme. There was for example various businesses which had large cowboy hats or boots, acoustic guitars, etc. incorporated into their signage. But we left the city of Nashville that night. There was an inner section in the highway with a stop light and John pulled the car into the left turn lane. The light was red, and he stopped to wait for it to turn green. As a fifteen year old Mormon teenager it was interesting to me at that time to be sitting in the back seat of the car and listening to very loud rock music and smoking a cigarette with a beautiful woman; this was not the kind of behavior which my parents would have approved of and allowed in our everyday lives back in Nampa, Idaho. As a young and impressionable teenager, I now felt “Cool” hanging out with these people. Alice in Chains was blasting over the radio and Alice was trying to talk to me through the music and the smoking. She was talking about the band, Alice in Chains and telling me how much she liked the music and the band because it was about her: Alice. The light turned green, and we continued on our journey. John got U.S. onto an inner-state, and we were going to Memphis. I can remember that on the drive to Memphis Jamie and his sister Barbara in the front seat of the car talked to each other for the entirety of the drive to Memphis; they were both very talkative and they talked, and talked and talked, though I can’t tell you exactly what they were talking about.

It was late when we got to Memphis that night and John got off the inner-state and onto a small highway/town road. We drove through a residential area on the outskirts of town and being a kid from Idaho where it is dry, brown, and hot all summer long I found it interesting that everything in Memphis seemed to be so green and dense; the vegetation was green and looked healthy and there was long grass growing alongside the highway. But it also seemed to me that the city needed some investment in repairs and maintenance in the buildings and homes along the roadway as many were in disrepair and some of the buildings I saw were even abandoned and/or dilapidated. It seemed to me that this was a community that did not have a lot of money on hand for lawn and home maintenance, though there was occasionally a nice home along the road that seemed well kept. I can remember that shortly before we reached the naval base there was parked in front of one of the homes on our left side along the highway a military truck parked in the front lawn. This truck was an older looking Deuce and a Half, and I took notice of it because at that time in my life I was very interested in military equipment, and it seemed to me to be out of place.

The naval base was a complete contrast to the residential areas we had passed through and when we came upon the base it was as though we had just stepped into another world entirely. The landscaping at the entry to the base was very well maintained and Jamie told U.S. that the base was the pride of the city and was one of the largest employers in the area. Jamie said that this was the largest in-land naval air base in the united states of America, and it generated a lot of money for the community there. Though it did not seem to me that it was being evenly distributed.

When John turned on his left blinker signaling that we were turning into the base my younger cousin sat up straight in his seat and asked in a paranoid and nervous tone where we were going. Jamie told him that this was where the Star Trek Convention was. My younger cousin seemed confused, but there was a part of me that was familiar with such places as a military bases/installations and I was disassociating and moving through personalities. My focus shifted to the road and its design flaws. It had surprised me that there was no turn lane for U.S. to use at the entry of the base. It seemed to me as traffic started to back up behind U.S. as John waited for the oncoming traffic to clear that such an installation as a turn lane was a necessary feature for such a thing as a United States military base. I was surprised and annoyed by such an error on the part of the road designers and the State and the military, as I was moving “Over the Rainbow” being in such a place as this under these conditions; I was moving into a personality familiar with such things and this personality was very arrogant. When the traffic in the oncoming lane had cleared for him to do so John turned into the base.

After we had turned into the base my younger cousin again asked in a frightened voice where we were going. Jamie turned around in his seat and looking at my cousin he told him firmly that this was where his dad, Byrd and our grandfather wanted U.S. to be. Jamie was not kind with his words, and he told my younger cousin, “you can blame your dad – He’s the one who sold you to Byrd and the CIA”. He continued and told us that we were now, “U.S. Gov. property” and had better do as we were told while we were there on the base. I can remember that his sister Barbara told Jamie to be nice to U.S. as there was no mercy in Jamie’s words and he was brutally honest on this matter. He told Barbara that he was just telling it like it was and he sat down in his seat. She told him that he didn’t have to “be so mean about it”. When Jamie had started to talk about these things it had brought back into my mind the fact that yes indeed, we had both just been sold to Byrd and the CIA by our parents; we were mind slaves and there was much shame in all of this which I felt at that moment in time. Many in the United States do not understand that “slavery did not end” with the Thirteenth Amendment, rather it simply went underground, and our government is heavily involved in this crime against the children of humanity.

It was dark out as it was now getting late, and I can remember the sound of large jet engines coming from somewhere on the base. John drove the car to an area of the base that had a large office style building complex. This was not a restricted area of the base, and we did not pass through any guard stations to get there; we simply drove right up to it. Jamie and John talked about how we would need to first make Alice, my younger cousin and myself our military I.D. cards so that we could get into the restricted areas of the base. Jamie said that he had been instructed to do this by Byrd. John parked the car in front of one of the buildings there on the base. The building was dark inside and it was clearly not open for business. Jamie explained that we would have to break into the facility in order to make our I.D. cards and he had a plan to do so as this was not the first time that he had done this for Byrd. This was a Military Entrance Facility. I do not at this time remember much of how we got into this building other than Jamie made his sister, Barbara, who was smaller than himself go into the building first in order to disable the camera and security system. I can remember that when she was made to do this it was as though she was moved into a personality that was familiar with such things; she was small and was as quiet as a mouse about her work. When the security system was shut down those of U.S. who were to go inside entered the building simply through the front door. Jamie told John to take the car and park it out of sight until we had finished making our I.D.’s.

This building we were in reminded me of something like a State driver’s license office or motor vehicle registration office, but this space was for processing persons who were entering into the military. It should be known that neither my younger cousin, nor Alice, or myself were being processed as normal, formal military personnel. There was a camera in this space for taking pictures to make our military identification cards and Jamie knew how to run it. He made my cousin and I get our pictures taken as well as Alice. We were not allowed to wear our street clothes for these pictures but rather were made to put on a military shirt and cap as the pictures taken were only of the upper portions of our bodies. I can remember that there was a closet there in the building which had a variety of uniforms in different sizes and styles which were available for these pictures. The military kept them there just for such things as those who are entering the military for the first time do not typically have a uniform at the time of entry into service. I can remember that I was made to put on a Marine Corp. shirt/coat and a Marine Corp. cap as that was the desire of my grandfather; my grandfather had served in the Marine Corp. during WWII and had fought in the Pacific Theater. I do not remember what kind of uniform my younger cousin was made to wear, but I do remember that Alice was made to put on a Navy uniform and cap. She was made to remove her Star Trek costume there in the room. She took off the skirt/Star Trek outfit and I can remember that she was wearing a black stretch tight tank top made of some kind of tight fitting material under the costume and she had a pair of panties/women’s underwear on over her pantyhose, which as a young man I found to be very odd.  I can remember that during the process of taking off her costume she began to switch into a personality familiar with such things as cameras and taking her clothes off in front of a group of people and she began to act as though she was a stripper. Jamie got frustrated at this and told her that it was not the time or the place for this kind of behavior as of yet.

After getting our pictures taken, we put our street clothes back on and Alice put her Star Trek costume back on and we put away the uniforms we had used. Jamie made our I.D. cards there in the facility. He did not use our real names on these cards but rather he used names which had been given to him by Byrd. After we had made our military identification cards we left the building, and Jamie had Barbara reactivate the security and camera systems before she also snuck out of the building. (As a note: Jamie, John and Barbara already had military identification cards, so they had not made any for themselves that night.) John picked U.S. up with the car and we all sat in same places we had been sitting before. John drove back the way we had come for a short ways before we turned left into a restricted area of the base. At this point of entry there was a guard shack and a gate, and this was manned by Navy personnel as this was a department of the Navy. I can remember that the guards at this post were very clean and professional in their uniforms and in their demeanor. These guards were also armed with the newly adopted Berretta M9, 9mm pistols. I had thought that the guards at this point of entry were a good representation of our military prowess and clean professionalism. They checked our military identification cards, and then pointed U.S. in the direction we were to go. They did not question any of U.S. about our newly made identification cards. They opened the gate, and we were allowed to proceed further into the base.

John drove U.S. through the base a short ways until we came to another guard post and a different section of the base. This area was run by the Marine Corp. which is a branch of the Navy. John pulled the car up to the guard post and the gate. I noticed and I can remember quite clearly that the Marine Corp uniforms for these guards were not nearly as nice as the guards at the Navy gate. The Marines manning this post were dressed in olive drab with Marine Corp caps and uniforms and were armed with the older 1911 A1, Colt 45 pistols in the older leather holsters on their service belts. I found these details to be interesting as a young man.

The guards at the Marines section of the base were not as polite and professional as the guards at the Navy gate. These were Marines, and this was their section of the base. When we pulled up to the gate one of the Marines told John to turn the car off. He did as he was told. John and Jamie were nervous and the guards at the gate were familiar with John and Jamie and they started harassing U.S. right away which I found to be surprising and not at all like the encounter we had just had with the Navy personnel. I can remember one of the Marines saying, “Well what do we have here.” When he said this, he looked up and yelled at some other Marines who were also outside and close to the gate, “Hey guys, come over here, you have to see this.” I do not remember exactly how many of them there were, but there was at least four Marines around the car. The guards also seemed to be familiar with Jamie’s sister Barbara as well, but they were much more polite to her in their interactions then with John and Jamie. The guards questioned them on why they were dressed up in Star Trek uniforms that night and what it was that we were all up to. I can remember one of the guards saying, “What is it that you are always up to in that hanger anyways?” Jamie and John would not tell them what they were doing there on the base all the time and although the guards were familiar with John, Barbara, and Jamie they still wanted to see all of our identifications and wanted to know who we all were. I can remember that the guards were not that interested in my younger cousin nor myself, rather they were much more interested in Alice sitting between U.S. there in the back seat of the car.

They told Jamie that we were all going to need to get out of the vehicle, and they were going to have to search the car for anything suspicious or illegal. I can remember that Jamie protested this and acted as though we were being harassed and picked on. One of the guards told Jamie that it was only a part of standard procedure, and we were all made to get out of the car. John, my younger cousin, and Alice all got out on the driver’s side, and Jamie, Barbara, and myself all got out on the passenger side of the car. Though it was dark outside it was still hot and very humid in Memphis and there were some large and bright lights all around this area of the base. I can remember that one of the Marines was searching my side of the car and he looked at me in my short cowboy boots and shorts. He made some kind of a rude comment about what I was wearing which I found to be insulting, though I would think that I did look ridiculous. I can remember the guards going through our vehicle and searching it throughout. When they had searched the car and made a show of official business, they turned their attention to Alice. They told her that she looked beautiful in her Star Trek outfit and one of them asked her if he could have her phone number to hook up for a date in the next few nights with her. Alice was not shy, and she played along with all of this and gave the Marine her phone number and acted like she would love to go out with any of them, anytime. Some of the Marines even made comments about going into the guard shack with her, there at that moment in time. I was surprised by all of this as it was very unprofessional on the part of the Marines, and I was also a bit jealous of them. Barbara drew the guard’s attention, and I can remember her saying “don’t you find me beautiful?”. She said this in a manner that if attention was denied to her, it would be a great insult, and the Marines changed their attention to her and moved to the front passenger side of the car where she was standing.

All of this was very strange to observe as a fifteen-year-old young man and I watched as Barbara did poses for the Marines in her short Star Trek mini skirt. I can remember the guards telling Barbara that she looked very sexy in her outfit and that she was a beautiful and attractive woman; the guards were very polite to Barbara. She had distracted the guards attention away from Alice. Finally, the guards told U.S. that we could all get back into the car and we all sat back down in the Chrysler. I was glad to be back in the car next to Alice. The guards lifted the gate and motioned for John to go ahead and pull through the gate into the Marines area of the base. John slowly pulled U.S. away from the gate and I can remember Jamie scolding Barbara for causing such a distraction back at the gate with the Marines; he did not approve of her behavior. Barbara told him that she had actually caused a distraction so that the Marines would leave Alice alone and would take their minds off of harassing U.S. all. She told him that it had worked perfectly as there we were driving away from the security check point. Jamie could not argue with this, and he could accept her reasoning.

I can also remember that I talked to Alice some about the experience with the Marines after we had moved through the security checkpoint and as we drove along past the various hangers and equipment there. I can remember asking her if she had given out her real telephone number to the Marines at the gate. She acted like this was nothing to worry about and told me that yes, she indeed had. I found this to be odd and considered it a dangerous thing to be doing, giving out one’s phone number to strangers. And yet, here I was, at a military base amongst complete strangers aside from my younger cousin. Alice and I also talked about the weapons that the Marines and Navy personnel had been carrying and I told her that I had found it interesting that the Marine Corp guards were carrying Colt 1911’s as this was an older model pistol, as compared to the newer Berretta M9’s that the Navy personnel were carrying. I was angry at the Marine who had insulted me, and I said this in a way to try to make them look bad. I told her that I preferred the newer Berretta to the older Colt. She surprised me by telling me that she liked the Colt 1911 but found the forty-five-caliber round to have too much power and recoil for her hands and she said that she preferred the Browning Hi-Power, because it was similar to a 1911 A1 but fired a smaller but still powerful 9mm round. This surprised me because it was not every day that I met a woman who was familiar with these kinds of weapons, but we really had not talked long before Jamie told U.S. to be quiet and stop talking. He was a nervous and controlling man.

Alice and I stopped talking and I just sat and looked at my surroundings. We were driving past a group of metal buildings/hangers on my right side and there was military equipment to my left on the driver’s side of the car. The metal buildings had large roll up doors and most of them were closed but some of them were open. Inside of one of the open hangers I could see Marines working on a vehicle. I can remember seeing Humvee’s, some Deuce and a Half’s, a mobile bridge, and there was also some A-10 Warthogs as we got further away from the Marines entry gate and the security check point. At that age I had thought the A-10 Warthog to be a really cool aircraft, and it was interesting to see one on the ground and up close.

John pulled the car up to a hanger and he simply parked in front of it. We had arrived at our destination. Jamie told everyone to get out of the car and I did as I was told; we all got out of the car. There was a man door leading into the hanger though this building also had a large roll up door such as the other hangers around it. We all walked over to the door to the building and there was a key code entry pad system of some kind on the door for access. I can remember standing and looking at the A-10’s that were there close to U.S. as John and Jamie both tried the last code that they had used to open the door, but it did not work. They got frustrated. When this failed, they then tried every code that they could remember in their attempt to open the door, but both of them became very frustrated as neither knew the current code to open the door and none of their older codes would work. As all of this occurred and they made several attempts at opening the door it all of a sudden came into my mind that I was the one who knew the new code to the door because Byrd had told it to me when he had me in the flower garden earlier that day; he had been the one to set all of this up. When I remembered that I knew the code, I told John and Jamie to get out of my way and I punched in the current code to the door; it unlocked, and we had gained access to the hanger.

Everyone in our little group was confused and a little freaked out at how I had known the code to the door. I can remember Jamie asking me how I had known the code to the door as well as Barbara and John. Alice looked at me questioningly and said, “Who are you?” My younger cousin also looked very surprised and confused by all of this. I did not answer any of them. Jamie opened the door and told everyone to get inside of the hanger and everyone began to move into the building. I looked one last time at the A-10’s as we were going inside and Jamie took notice of this and he said, “They are pretty cool aren’t they”. I responded and told him that yes they were a very cool aircraft and one of my favorites. I can remember Jamie telling me that I liked them so much I might want to fly them some day. I told him that I didn’t know if I could do that as it seemed above me at that time.

Once inside of the building my cousin approached me and asked in a firm but hushed voice how it was that I had known the code to a military hanger in Memphis, Tennessee. He said, “How did you know the code to get in here?” I could not explain to him how I had known this as a part of me would not allow myself to discuss such issues; part of me had been programmed to remember, and another part of me had been programmed to remember to forget, and Never to Talk. Though we were quiet about our conversation we were overheard and everyone else there approached U.S. and asked me how I knew the code to the door and who had told it to me. Jamie and John were adamant about this and they both demanded that I should tell them the code to the door and they even acted threatening and angry as though they would cause me physical harm if I did not tell them, but I would not talk about this nor tell them anything about the code. John and Jamie finally gave up when they understood that I was not going to talk on this matter.

Outside of the hanger it had been hot and very humid though the heat of the day did seem to be cooling at last; Tennessee is a hot and humid place in the summer. Inside of the hanger it was also hot but there was in this space an air conditioner, which either Jamie or John turned on; I can’t remember which of them turned it on. The space inside of the hanger was large and had a tall ceiling in it. The building was longer than it looked from the outside with it stretching in the opposite direction from where we had entered. I do not know how long the hanger was. Inside there was a movie set of some kind set up near where we had entered the building and back into the length of the structure there was some items that appeared to be being stored there in boxes and crates. I looked over the space quickly before taking my attention to the set; it appeared to be some form of desert or foreign planet landscape with fake boulders, rocks, and sand. The set also stepped up in elevation about every ten or fifteen feet or so from the lowest point to the top at the back; the set started lower in what I will call the front and got up to about four or five feet tall or so toward the back. The set was about twenty-five or thirty feet across and about forty or fifty feet long. Keep in mind that these measures are rough as I do not know the exact measurements of the set. There was cameras and lighting set up around the set for filming there in the room.

 I began to ask Jamie about the hanger and the set, and he had no problem in telling me everything that he knew; he told me that the hanger that we were in was the CIA hanger there on the base and he said that only authorized personnel are allowed in this hanger. He was very proud to be one of those authorized personnel. Jamie also talked about the movie set that was there in the building and he told Alice, my younger cousin and I that it was the original set from the original Star Trek episode staring William Shatner. He explained that this set was used on the very first episode of Star Trek and was an older set. He told me that the company which filmed Star Trek was getting rid of the set as they no longer needed it and the CIA had purchased it for use in such things as making pornography. He was very proud of this and said that the agency had gotten it for a good price as the Central Intelligence Agency and Hollywood are very closely connected.

While Jamie was talking to U.S. about these things John was getting the cameras and the lighting ready for the filming we would be made to perform that night. Jamie knew and understood Alice and Barbara’s triggers and he switched both of them into the personalities which he needed that night and he told them to get ready to play their roles for the film. I can remember that he had told Alice that it was time for her to be a “movie star”. This was her trigger and she clearly moved into a sexual personality that was familiar with what we were about that night. The next several hours of the night were spent making a porno film with Alice, Barbara, my younger cousin, and myself. There were several scenes to the film and most of my time was spent with Alice. My younger cousin was made to have sex mostly with Barbara though also with Alice. I can remember that when I was off screen, I would stand on the side of the set still completely naked, and I would bum cigarettes from Jamie and smoke them while my cousin was busy banging Barbara and Alice. In this personality I did not mind any of this as this is what I had been programmed to do from my youth; I had been used in a tremendous amount of pornography in my youth.

Jamie was the director of this film, and I can remember him telling everyone what to do and what positions, etc. he wanted U.S. in for the shots as John filmed it. I can remember that when I was offstage with Jamie bumming cigarettes, I would start to tell my younger cousin, Barbara, and Alice what they should be doing, and they followed my call outs and changed their sexual positions. This made Jamie really mad, and he told me to be quiet because he said that he was the director, and he would be making the calls. John was responsible for running all of the cameras and the lighting and I can remember talking to him while I smoked and stood naked off screen. I could tell that John was somewhat uncomfortable talking to me face to face as he preferred to hide behind his cameras, and I was completely naked. He did not say much to me, and Jamie told me to be quiet and stop distracting him.

When we had finished with the filming it was late into the night and the early hours of the morning. We all got dressed again back into our clothes and John shut down the camera equipment and the lighting. Jamie walked Alice, Barbara, my younger cousin, and myself through individual as well as group hypnosis before we left the building. Because of his height I can remember that Jamie had to use a small ladder to be at eye level with me and Alice. When we had gone out the door and closed it behind U.S. Jamie told Alice, Barbara, and my younger cousin to get into the car and I was told to stay at the door a moment to talk with them. John and Jamie acted as though we were all good friends and they asked me what the code to the door that night had been. They were nice to me at first but became very frustrated when I would not tell them the code. They got so mad that I did not know if they would begin to cause me physical harm to try to get it out of me, but I was not talking as that was what I was programmed to do. I can remember Barbara calling out to U.S. from the car as she could tell that something was going on and it must not have looked good. This calmed Jamie and John down some. I was not going to tell them the code. Again, Jamie and John acted like we were the best of friends and they told me that they had to at least try to get it out of me. We walked back to the car and all acted like it was nothing.

We loaded up into the Chrysler to leave the base and John drove once again. I sat in the back seat with Alice and my younger cousin, but I was now sitting on the driver’s side of the car. Alice was sitting in the middle of the back seat and my younger cousin was sitting on the passenger side. John started up the car and we started making our way out of the base the same way we had entered. Things were now different between Alice and I in that we were very comfortable with each other and were now an item if only for the night. I can remember that we made out and snuggled in the back seat for most of the drive back to Nashville that night. The Marine Corp. guards at the gate also did not harass U.S. as we left the base and there was a new post of guards who had replaced the men from earlier that night. I do not know how long we were at this base and in the hanger that night.

When we got back to Nashville the Chrysler needed gas, so we stopped at a gas station after we got off the main interstate. Jamie and I had also smoked up all his cigarettes and he wanted a new pack of smokes. He was still dressed up in his Star Trek uniform as was John, Barbara, and Alice; my cousin and I were too young to go inside and buy cigarettes. Both John and Jamie said that they did not want to go inside of the gas station dressed as they were because they did not want to be made fun of by the gas station attendant so it was decided that Alice should go inside to pay for the gas and to get Jamie a pack of smokes. Alice did as she was told, and she went inside of the gas station, and she paid for the fuel and got Jamie another pack of Camel Wide’s. John filled up the car and we made our way back to the hotel.

I can remember that when we got into the car Jamie opened his new pack of smokes and as I had done all evening, I asked him if I could not have one more before we got back to the hotel. At first, he got really pissed, and told me that I had already smoked up his last pack and said that my grandfather was going to owe him a pack of smokes after that night. Then he suddenly changed his mind, and he told me that I could and should have one before we got back to the hotel, but he warned me that my grandpa might not like having me show up so late/early in the morning, smelling of cigs. I did not worry about this as my grandfather smoked and had given me cigarettes throughout my youth. He gave me a cigarette and I lit it up. We were not that far from the hotel by this point in time and I was not done with my smoke when we pulled into the parking lot. I was going to put it out so that my younger cousin and I could go into the hotel, but Jamie told me not to, but said rather that I should enjoy my cigarette and finish it there in the car. We sat in the parking lot, and I finished my cigarette and John, Barbara and Jamie talked about going to find breakfast somewhere there in town.

When I had finished my smoke, we said goodbye to everyone and got out of the car and walked into the hotel. We went back up the elevator and found our room and using the key I unlocked the door, and we went inside. It was very early in the morning and my grandfather was awake when we came into the room. My grandfather was really angry at my cousin and I for coming back to the hotel at such an hour and I reeked of cigarettes just as Jamie had warned me about. I can remember my grandfather saying angrily in a low hoarse voice, “What do you think you are doing coming back here at this hour?” and he told U.S. that he had been up all night waiting for U.S. to come back to the room. I did not know how to respond to his questions because it had been my grandfather who had sent me and my cousin away with those people in the first place, and I had no control over the situation as I was a mind slave. I can also remember my grandfather calling Jamie, John, Barbara and Alice, my cousin and I’s friends; he said that we had been out all night with, “our friends”, but they had not been my friends or my cousins, but rather his and our grandmothers. This was all very confusing to me at that time. I can remember that he made my younger cousin and I take a shower together there in the bathroom to wash off the smell of smoke and sex and he molested U.S. both, my cousin and I that is. After this we were both hit with a taser. My younger cousin and I got very little sleep that night.

I can remember that the following day I had called my mother to check in with her as I would do on this trip as I was away from home. She asked me how I was doing and what I had been up to, and I told her that we had gone to the family reunion and after that my cousin and I had gone to a Star Trek convention. I could not at that time remember anything about the Star Trek convention when my mother asked me about it, but my brothers and sister were all jealous that I was having so much fun on our trip back east with my grandparents. I hope and pray that someday they will understand that I was not always having fun on this trip back east and that neither I, nor my cousin ever attended a Star Trek convention in Memphis, TN, summer of 1993 A.D. Rather we had been used to make a pornographic film for Byrd, so that he could earn profit on its sale through the black market underworld of government sponsored child pornography. This is what I can remember of my experience at the family reunion and the Star Trek convention.

This work is a Journaled Memory of the Author: J.R. Sweet

All Rights Reserved.